Going on cent account

Going on a cent account.

If you have successfully mastered all the technical aspects of trading on a demo account, it’s time to move on to work with real money, do not stay too long especially in the demo, it can only harm the formation of ideas about the forex market.

Work on a live account will help foster a sense of the market, learn how to manage their own emotions and not to succumb to psychological pressure.

It is clear that the right should not start trading career with a multi-million dollar deals, such experiments are in most cases ended in failure, especially for beginners invented cent account.

Ability to work on cent accounts provide so-called brokers cent, although in recent years and respectable brokerage company acquired a similar ground.

Cent account – it trade with real money, but here everything is reduced to a hundred times, that is already 1 lot equals 100,000 units did not, but only 1,000 deposit as calculated not in whole units, and in cents.

Advantages of this approach are obvious, using just $ 10 and a leverage of 1: 100 you are able to open a transaction volume of 1 micro lot.

In addition, trade on cent account is a good opportunity to check how stable operating terminal of your broker and how quickly execute orders sent.

Despite the small amount, usually at the micro accounts trading with deposits of 10 to 100 dollars, you already start making and get an idea on how to trade the forex important psychological factor.

Newcomers often ask – is it possible to earn a cent accounts?

Yes you can, if you use high leverage and trade on scalping, but then lost the very meaning of the use of this type of accounts. After all, if your trade volumes are more than 10 000 thousand, it is better to use a standard account with more favorable trading conditions.

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