Glonik – Martingale with a stop-loss and take-profit.

Use a stiff stop-loss.


We recommend a pair EURUSD M5, Lot 0.01, leverage of 1: 500, the fixed spread to 2 points, the deposit – from 5000 cents ($ 50) for Cent accounts.

Regulate profitability can change the period, Lot, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

The robot does not open a lot of orders going into drawdown, only after closing the previously opened order begins a new deal.

For testing we used all three parameters – Stop Loss, Take Profit and period. The rest of the features give you the opportunity to realize their creative ideas and strategies.

Testing was carried out with advisor on 2014.10.10 2015.10.10 exactly 1 year. During this year there were large gepy and recoilless trends, but, nevertheless, counselor broke down and revealed all drawdown -38.13%, and the yield was 10 361.87 net profit of 5 000. If you do the test avoiding dangerous months, then, for example, for the last trading month drawdown was only -6.50%.


  • Lots – the starting amount of the transaction
  • MaxLots – the maximum amount of the transaction
  • SL – stop-loss (in points)
  • TP – Take Profit (in points)
  • MagicNumber – magic number (the label “friends” of transactions for the robot)
  • Slippage – allowable slippage
  • OnlyOneOpenedPos – at the same time not more than one transaction
  • AutoDigits – avtouchet of price signs
  • period – period Moving Average of the current bar
  • period_2 – period Moving Average of the previous bar
  • TrailingStop – fixed trailing stop. At 0 trailing stop disabled
  • TrailingStep – trailing stop step
  • NonLossProfitLevelProfit, after which the stop-loss is placed at breakeven. At 0 translation stop loss to breakeven disabled


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