Europe closed yesterday in red because of falling

Europe closed yesterday in the red because of falling commodity companies quotes

stock exchanges
Western Europe started the week is not the most
positive trading session – the main
indices were in
the red, falling behind stock prices
commodity companies and service companies
entertainment. Following the auction, the consolidated
Stoxx Europe 600 index fell by 0.36%
France’s CAC 40 – by 0.44%, the British FTSE
100 – 0.46%, German DAX – 0.25%.

Shares of Glencore
Plc fell by 2,1%, Rio Tinto Group – on 0,7%, BHP
Billiton – by 1.6%. Paper Credit Suisse fell
2.9%, when the company completed the sale of
58 million new shares. shares Germany
generation company RWE AG declined
price by 4.7% after rumors of
that the company has difficulty in
the search for new investors. Due to the very
volatile oil prices on Monday
Total SA shares fell 0.9%.

shares of Swiss
pharmaceutical company Novartis AG fell 1.45% yesterday as analysts
Voltobel lowered recommendations on them. paper
Playtech Plc tumbled 9% when the company refused
two acquisitions of 500 million pounds
sterling ($ 750 million). shares Germany
Wincor Nixdorf AG rose by 5.9% when held
the news that the company buys
American Diebold Inc. for 1.8 billion euros. it
the merger will result in the largest
global manufacturer of ATMs
sales amounting to more than $ 5 billion a year.

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