Dynamic RSI Pointer

Dynamic RSI Pointer

Dynamic RSI Pointer

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Pledge of effective work in the market – it is a competent combination of the best tools and knowledge. Experienced traders not only to determine the trend, but also to see what business opportunities it opens up.

Dynamic RSI Pointer

Dynamic RSI Pointer indicator works on the current trend, and on its basis, and based on previous trends, predicts the future.

The product is mainly based on the indicator RSI. However, the RSI is limited to static levels of overbought / oversold conditions set by the user, making it ineffective in such a dynamic market like Forex. Depending on the current trend (upward, downward, lateral) we have to use different levels of overbought / oversold.

This is the main difference Dynamic RSI Pointer, as it:

  • adjusts and sets the dynamic levels perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti to increase yield.
  • It locates and assesses the latest trends to accurately predict the future and install the appropriate levels.

Work principles:

  • Dynamic RSI Pointer is easy to use, as is similar to the RSI. However, in contrast to the static level of the RSI indicator, Dynamic RSI Pointer display offers dynamic levels. With this indicator you can use any strategy for the RSI, for example:

    • Entering the market as the main line leaves the overbought / oversold
    • Search divergence in the overbought / oversold levels
    • RSI combination with other signals trend reversal.

However, in contrast to the RSI, overbought / oversold dynamically adapt to the current trend.

  • Analysis of dynamic overbought / oversold levels provides important information. If the levels are changing rapidly, it means that the volatility of the currency pair is high.

You can use this time to trade with the trend, or wait it out and enter the market when a reversal signal.


necessary to determine the setting for the first run:

  • RSI Period – the number of periods for the calculation of the main line.
  • LEVELS Period – the number of periods to calculate the overbought / oversold.
  • LEVELS Size – define how restrictive should be overbought / oversold.
    • The lower the value, the more restrictive is the level. If the value is less than 5 indicator will signal only a very strong overbought / oversold.
    • The higher the value, the levels are less restrictive.
    • Values ​​must be set between 0 and 50.

Version MetaTrader 5: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/13205

Dynamic RSI Pointer

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