Dinamic Trend Matrix MT5

Dinamic Trend Matrix MT5

New dynamic trend indicator matrix analyzes the current price development, the strength of the movement, its speed and acceleration. On the basis of these data determined the direction of movement throughout the range of timeframes (M1-MN). Using the RSI (Relative Strength Index) is determined by the depth movement, AC indicator (Acceleration / Deceleration) helps determine the current speed of movement, and also analyzes its acceleration or deceleration.

Dynamic trend matrix It allows you to quickly evaluate and objectively to have an idea about the nature of the movement in the market. It will help you easily identify the entry and exit points in trading, because before you is visible once the whole picture of what is happening in non-stop mode.

For the RSI line – value and color indicate the current depth of the trend. For example, in figure 4, red – a strong trend.

For AC line – value and color say about the current dynamics of the current trend.

Line Trend It shows the direction and strength of the movement of the current trend.

For this line, the following marking:

  • bold horizontal arrow – attention, perhaps the beginning of the movement, respectively, the color of the arrows (red down and green up).
  • thin arrow at an angle of 45 degrees. Green up – the beginning of the upward movement, the red down – the beginning of the downward movement.
  • bold arrow up or down at an angle of 45 degrees – the movement gaining momentum.
  • fatty up or down – persistent trend in the direction of the arrow.
  • gray circle – any movement is absent. Flat.
  • transparent arrow indicates a possible reversal in the current timeframe.

Item display

  • fontSize – the size of matrix elements. Maybe 14-20.
  • Period_Indindicator period.
  • Screen_corner – binding to a specific angle. Can be 1-4.
  • uptrendsignal – color signal trend upwards.
  • downtrendsignal – color signal trend downward.
  • textColor – LED color of the text.

Dinamic Trend Matrix MT5

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