Dinamic Trend Matrix MT5

Dinamic Trend Matrix MT5

New dynamic trend indicator matrix analyzes the current price development, the strength of the movement, its speed and acceleration. On the basis of these data determined the direction of movement throughout the range of timeframes (M1-MN). Using the RSI (Relative Strength Index) is determined by the depth movement, AC indicator (Acceleration / Deceleration) helps determine the current speed of movement, and also analyzes its acceleration or deceleration.

Dynamic trend matrix It allows you to quickly evaluate and objectively to have an idea about the nature of the movement in the market. It will help you easily identify the entry and exit points in trading, because before you is visible once the whole picture of what is happening in non-stop mode.

For the RSI line – value and color indicate the current depth of the trend. For example, in figure 4, red – a strong trend.

For AC line – value and color say about the current dynamics of the current trend.

Line Trend It shows the direction and strength of the movement of the current trend.

For this line, the following marking:

  • bold horizontal arrow – attention, perhaps the beginning of the movement, respectively, the color of the arrows (red down and green up).
  • thin arrow at an angle of 45 degrees. Green up – the beginning of the upward movement, the red down – the beginning of the downward movement.
  • bold arrow up or down at an angle of 45 degrees – the movement gaining momentum.
  • fatty up or down – persistent trend in the direction of the arrow.
  • gray circle – any movement is absent. Flat.
  • transparent arrow indicates a possible reversal in the current timeframe.

Item display

  • fontSize – the size of matrix elements. Maybe 14-20.
  • Period_Indindicator period.
  • Screen_corner – binding to a specific angle. Can be 1-4.
  • uptrendsignal – color signal trend upwards.
  • downtrendsignal – color signal trend downward.
  • textColor – LED color of the text.

Dinamic Trend Matrix MT5

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World can save reform of International Monetary

The world can save the reform of the International Monetary Fund

Over the past five years
"big twenty" Absolutely not
pay attention to certain issues and
general ill cope with their
Main objective – maintaining stability
the global financial system. Professor
rights at the Institute of Sao Paulo Camilla
Willard Duran believes that the union
no longer able to strengthen the financial
and monetary stability in the world.

The thing is that
G-20 is growing every year
and more topics and issues that need to be
discuss, and, of course, cover all
completely fails. At times when
financial storm is coming, a great
Twenty obliged to stop trying
to solve all the problems at once (it’s just
impossible) and to focus on their
original purpose.

See – the Fed is about to
It dares to raise, she held
almost zero since the
the last crisis. Yes, tougher
monetary policy is necessary,
but it can cause a serious crisis
liquidity in developing countries,
and this is not just the most talked
different experts. And these problems are, in my
all undoubtedly affect the growth
and development of the world economy. That’s why,
According to Kamilly Dyuran, G-20 members
just have to concentrate and
establish a secure base, which would
helped the country survive the coming
hard times. And individually need
strengthen the role of the International Monetary
Fund, making it increasingly perform
its functions and may even hold
Facility within reform. By the way, about this
also recently said Raghuram Rajan,
the head of Central Bank of India – he
I asked to create a sustainable global
financial support network, which
can assist countries in
liquidity crisis.

By the way, the necessary
institutional mechanism is already there –
is the department of special rules
Drawing (SDR) IMF.
Formal structures can exchange
in this department own
IMF international reserve asset to
other currencies. Moreover, even the IMF
may designate some country with
strong balance of payments become
liquidity provider to another
countries. This appointment mechanism
(Designation mechanism), which never
used, is capable of providing
guaranteed access to world currencies
in times of crisis.

And to
turn this department
IMF in full, “the global center
liquidity “, which will soften
future crises, it is necessary just to hold
reform. And ideally – also strengthen the role of
IMF in the global arena. But the problem is,
that the large countries (in particular – the United States)
unwilling to do so, and their policies
actively block appropriate

However, the countries
it is not necessary to abandon the idea of ​​reform,
that will strengthen the role of the IMF, but it must also
hedge their bets. For example, with
from "coalition of the willing"consisting
from developed and developing countries,
It should work to create
institutional mechanism
It helps to effectively and quickly respond
for the next crisis. The most obvious
option – duplicate structure
SDR Department and to create
a separate agreement between the two countries
this coalition. But there is a great
limitations. The most basic advantage of the Department of the IMF is that the system
It is almost universal and is supported
Governments of the world (thus
Currency exchange on reliable
software – SDR), and it will

While the crisis threat
Liquidity remains very serious,
fit and not a perfect option – it will confirm the economists. Noted that the international financial
system has become some kind of fragmented? A proof of that –
popular in recent years, bilateral and multilateral
agreements on currency swaps. For example,
Chiang May initiative to unite the country
ASEAN with China, Japan and South Korea.
And the BRICS countries in general have created your own pool
exchange reserves (CRA). such association
to specify in advance the resources (usually –
foreign exchange reserves), which can be
used at the time of the swap.
But there is no guarantee that at the time
crisis, the central bank of any country
really open, as promised, a currency
line without additional political
conditions. For example, the same countries pool
CRA shall have the right to refuse to provide
support and may even require
accelerated return of their funds,
if they have balance of payments problems.

That’s why it is necessary and
IMF to finalize the mechanism to
developing countries were willing to
crisis. It is necessary to approve the management reform
Fund set up this "coalition
volunteers" and begin to develop
effective response mechanism
a crisis.

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How to choose optimal lot size

How to choose the optimal lot size.

Trading in the foreign exchange market involves consideration of many different nuances that affect the profitability and riskiness of trading operations, and some “little things” can play a crucial role in determining the situation on the stock exchange and significantly change the possible financial trading result.

Forex lot size is precisely the important point that should be taken into account by calculating the volume of future transactions.

The main thing to determine the ratio of the value of the lot and the deposit of its own, to identify the best indicator of the risk and the desired profitability of operations. Many traders do not even know how important this setting in the early stages of trading, trying to make a deal to the maximum extent. In this article I will try to tell you how the easiest way to calculate the optimal size of the forex lots.

One lot is equal to – 100 000 units of base currency in the currency pair traded, and hence should be based on producing trade account. Trade possible both lots integer and fractional parts thereof, which typically have a value equal to 0.1 or 0.2 to 0.5 of a standard lot.

If necessary, you can open the transaction and the amount of 0.7 to do this, simply write down the desired value in the window, which specifies the size of the lot

The optimum size of the transaction – this is the value at which your deposit is retained resistance to minor fluctuations in the trend, directed against the primary trend – kickbacks. Your order must not be closed in the event of the first correction that occurs on your trading time frame.

For the calculation used a little standard procedure, which consists of several stages.

1.Snachala analyze what size correction characteristic in our time frame, that is, identify inverse price fluctuations. For example, our maximum retracement is 20 pips.

2. Now he should be the lot size in relation to an available deposit, it must be such that even if we have to close the position of the stop-loss, the losses have not exceeded the allowable size.

There already must use the ratio of the value of one point to the available resources, if an item with the volume of transactions in one lot on the average is 10 dollars, then a correction of 20 points will cost our deposit at least $ 200.

And if we assume that the maximum loss is 5% of the size of the deposit must be at least $ 4,000.

Reducing the size of the forex lots to a value of 0.1, we can safely conduct transactions already with a deposit of $ 400, without subjecting it to great danger.

Based on this principle, the right amount of transactions for virtually any amount in the account, it should not be possible to calculate forget that 5% is the maximum amount of losses that you can afford as a result of a single transaction. Therefore, whenever possible, it is desirable to comply with an even smaller proportion.

Another guideline for you may be the amount of funds under the guarantee, it should not exceed 10-15 percent of the amount of funds on your deposit trader.

In general, the calculation of forex lot size is a purely personal matter for each trader, and depends on the strategy and the risks that you are trading, but still certain limits must be observed and not to open the maximum possible value of the transaction.

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The price on the market is always in motion. Advisor “ZONA” restricts the movement of the price of establishing a zone of the orders:

  • to buy Buy
  • for sale Sell

And wherever he went price zone of profitable orders is more than losing.

The EA provides:

  • Trade in time;
  • closing orders when it reaches a predetermined profit – in the currency or points;
  • Off advisor after closing all orders for profit;
  • the inclusion of trailing stop at a given level of profit.

On the screen the following information is displayed for a specific advisor:

  • current points–operating margin in points for the open orders
  • current profit–operating income in the currency of the deposit to open orders
  • today profit— Daily Profit in deposit currency (in the tester shows the net profit from the beginning of the test)
  • PriceBUY–price is greater than that allowed to buy
  • PriceSELL–cost is less than that allowed to sell
  • Magic–advisor identification number
  • min Distance ZONA–the minimum distance between BUY and SELL orders

Possible uses advisor:

  • on the levels of support and resistance – PriceBUY =resistance price, PriceSELL= Support price, Distance_ZONA =Stop Loss (in points) NumberOfUnits =Take Profit (in points) BreakevenPoint =the projected level without loss of points.
  • Stop Loss orders opened manually –Magic = 0, PriceBUY = 0, PriceSELL = 0, Distance_ZONA =Stop Loss (in points) NumberOfUnits =Take Profit (in points) BreakevenPoint =Stop Loss (in points);


Trade Time Settings:

necessary for the installation of the first orders, that is, at what time are allowed to put the first order.

  • OpenHour – opening hour of trading;
  • OpenMinute – Minute opening;
  • CloseHour – close of trading hour;
  • CloseMinute – Minute of the close of trading;

Trade Preferences:

  • Magic –advisor identification number, if Magic = 0, the advisor can work with orders manually open
  • lots – Lot fixed only for the first order

Prices for the opening of the first orders:

  • PriceBUY –price for the first order to buy if the PriceBUY = 0, the first order will not be placed BUY
  • PriceSELL –price for the first orders to sell if PriceSELL = 0, the first order will not be placed SELL

If the current market price is more than PriceBUY, the exposed first buy order.

If the current price is less than the market PriceSELL, the exposed first sell order.

Zone settings:

  • ZONAUSE –if you use the area, the true , if you do not use the area, the false
  • Distance_ZONA – distance zone in paragraphs, orders between BUY and SELL, if Distance_ZONA less min Distance ZONA, the distance to be equal to the zone min Distance ZONA.
  • BreakevenPoint –the distance from the border zone to the breakeven point in paragraphs, after passing the cost of the point of the profit will be positive.

Settings for the closure of the total profit:

  • TypeofClose – closing orders on profit in the deposit currency TypeofClose = 1, closing orders profit in points TypeofClose = 2.
  • CloseProfit – if the closing of the total profit, true, if not close, the false
  • NumberOfUnits – the number of units to close on profit
  • OFFEaAfterClosePROF- if you turn off the Advisor after closing orders for profit, true , if not off, then false.

treyligstopa setting for the total profit:

  • TrailTotalProfitUSE – if you use a trailing stop, you true, if you do not use it, false
  • LevelProfit – level of profit in pips, which is included with the trailing stop
  • TrailingStop –trailing stop distance


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Market Snipper

Market Snipper

Market Snipper – an advanced indicator that follows the market and generates signals to buy or sell in the most important points. Market Snipper indicator usually shows a single arrow, but it can show and more. In this case, the opposite trend can begin.

The input parameters of the indicator Market Snipper, you can adjust the distance between the hands and the price bars. Input parameter MA_Period indicator helps avoid signals against big trends.

Market Snipper indicator can be used on different timeframes, but it is better to use indicators with a timeframe M15 or older.

Note: I do not recommend to buy or sell, if there is no pronounced peaks or troughs in the price chart with arrows appears.
Do not forget to set a trailing stop-loss and stop-loss as soon as the arrow tails.
Market Snipper

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Europe closed yesterday in red because of falling

Europe closed yesterday in the red because of falling commodity companies quotes

stock exchanges
Western Europe started the week is not the most
positive trading session – the main
indices were in
the red, falling behind stock prices
commodity companies and service companies
entertainment. Following the auction, the consolidated
Stoxx Europe 600 index fell by 0.36%
France’s CAC 40 – by 0.44%, the British FTSE
100 – 0.46%, German DAX – 0.25%.

Shares of Glencore
Plc fell by 2,1%, Rio Tinto Group – on 0,7%, BHP
Billiton – by 1.6%. Paper Credit Suisse fell
2.9%, when the company completed the sale of
58 million new shares. shares Germany
generation company RWE AG declined
price by 4.7% after rumors of
that the company has difficulty in
the search for new investors. Due to the very
volatile oil prices on Monday
Total SA shares fell 0.9%.

shares of Swiss
pharmaceutical company Novartis AG fell 1.45% yesterday as analysts
Voltobel lowered recommendations on them. paper
Playtech Plc tumbled 9% when the company refused
two acquisitions of 500 million pounds
sterling ($ 750 million). shares Germany
Wincor Nixdorf AG rose by 5.9% when held
the news that the company buys
American Diebold Inc. for 1.8 billion euros. it
the merger will result in the largest
global manufacturer of ATMs
sales amounting to more than $ 5 billion a year.

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Gold prices hold near six year low

Gold prices hold near six-year low

On Wednesday, gold becomes cheaper again.
By 16.46 MSK futures lost almost another
half dollar, and is now worth $ 1067.20 per troy ounce. spot
gold fell by 0.11% to $ 1067.40.
Market participants are waiting for release
reports the October meeting of the Fed,
which may enhance the growth expectations
rates in December. It can not push
Gold, which is all day
near six-year lows.

Silver and platinum support the general trend: Spot silver
fell 0.4% to $ 14.11 per
ounce, while platinum reached a seven-year
a minimum of $ 848.

The price of gold fell to 14 from
The last 16 sessions under pressure
prospects of the first American
rate increase in almost a decade.
Higher interest rates gone
investors from non-interest assets,
including gold.

Yesterday came the inflation data,
which also strengthened growth expectations
rates. In general, the trend for gold
It consists cheerless. The only thing,
what makes today investors
buy gold – the geopolitical situation
uncertainty on the background of the tragic
events in Paris. However, dealers say,
that retail investors in Europe
lined up behind bars in place,
a significant increase in demand from them
It was not observed.

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The indicator shows the bars with the largest range of between High and Low. To correctly display the indicator on the chart, press the F8, go to the “General” tab, turn off the box “Schedule above.”

The properties of the indicator it is possible to adjust the time to find the maximum values ​​between High and Low, as well as you can change the color and line thickness.


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Opinion Federal Reserve should not bother to

Opinion: the Federal Reserve should not bother to be afraid of inflation and the strong dollar

Several years
analysts tirelessly wondering when will
The Fed will begin raising key rates,
but at every meeting of this decision
It has been postponed for a variety of
reasons. Last year, the market is already believed in the imminent changes, but do not
It happened, and this year all
We are waiting for a decisive step by the regulator in the summer,
but suddenly prevented the problem in China
economy. But most of the Federal
Reserve postpones increase
rates, citing the fact that this step
It prevents the growth of inflation to the target
levels. But whether it is necessary to navigate
at this rate?

Economics professor
Gita Gopinat of Harvard University,
for example, it is assured that low inflation
– not a reason to constantly maintain low
rates. Recall that at the September
Fed meeting recognized the fact that
world economic situation affects
US and its monetary policy. A
rate increase had been agreed
again postponed due to the fear that
strengthening of the dollar could lead to
decline in import prices, which in its
turn, will reduce the probability of reaching
target level of inflation of 2%.

In fact, the fluctuations
exchange rates may well have
impact on inflation in other countries,
but the change of the dollar rarely
affected the prices in the US – at
least it was not so much and
not for long. Here, of course, it helps a lot
the dominant role of the US dollar
in international trade – often a dollar
often used to establish
prices and, in addition, it is very often
a unit of account in the debt contracts,
and even between the borrower and the lender
who are not American
legal or natural persons.

It turns out that the impact of
dollar fluctuations on import prices
United States – one of the lowest in the world. how
Generally, the conditions of international trade
contracts are revised often.
Many exporters are buying accessories
and raw materials, too, for dollars, so fluctuations
Courses little concern them. Finally,
exporters want to keep their share of
in the markets, so they are better preserved
prices in dollars than fall victim to sudden
changes in exchange rates.

According Gopinat,
even the small effect that
It has on the inflation shock of shocks
import prices, speed – literally
two blocks. Here, for example, a sharp
strengthening of the dollar by 10% can reduce the
Import price inflation at 4.4% for
the next 2-3 quarters, but then it
impact on inflation will be very
insignificant. If you look at the costs
consumers, the strengthening of the dollar to
10% would reduce inflation (by
method of calculating the consumer price index
– CPI) up to 0.5% in the first two quarters,
because the retail trade in the United States
fully passed on to consumers
any change in import prices. By
the fact of retailers are likely to
simply increase their margins by reducing
This changes the scale of the transfer cost of goods to consumers.

But at the same time increasing
the vulnerability of other countries due to vibrations
currency exchange rates, particularly scared
developing economies. here, these
vibrations are transferred to the price of imports,
denominated in national currencies,
and changes may be up to 100%. Eventually
currency fluctuations impact on
inflation in most countries of the world will
3-4 times more than in the US. For example,
devaluation lira 10% lead
to the CPI growth in the country at 1.6-2% within two

At the moment, hardly
Whether the dominant role may change
the US dollar as the world’s
settlement currency, because everything is already
accustomed to that currency. The euro, of course,
I could become a competitor in this regard,
given the high volume of trade
between the countries of the eurozone, but in fact for
Outside Europe, the currency used

focusing on
inflation and the strength of the dollar, the Fed
may postpone the decision for a long time
Bet. Some world events and
the truth may push inflation down to
example, low commodity prices and the slowdown
Economic growth in developing
countries. But in fact strengthening of the dollar
It does not lead to a significant reduction in
inflation and the professor is proven.
Therefore, even a strong dollar – it’s not
a good reason to postpone
normalization of interest rates in the United States.

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Expert automatically draws the trend line on 4-hour and daily timeframes. Lines are drawn on the basis of the two last-known fractals respective periods (H4, D1).

Expert Feature – lines are drawn to within 15 minutes, which allows the analysis of the graph on the smaller time frames without losing the precision of drawing lines relative to the extrema prices. Well suited for intraday and medium-term trading.

Default line for a period H4 inactive, to activate them need the value of the input parameter “Enable_H4” set as “True”. trendlines parameters also set the input parameters of the expert. If necessary, the expert enables you to send push notifications – in the event that the closing price is above the descending resistance or below the ascending support (see Expert input parameters.). Frequency of notification to H4 (intraday) – once every hour for D1 (srednesrok) – 4 times per hour.


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