Wall Street fell yesterday because of fear of

Wall Street fell yesterday because of fear of weakening global trade

shares closed lower on Wednesday after
another turbulent session when
Oil resumed its decline, fueling
investors’ concerns about growth
the world economy and forcing index
S P 500 to go after the commodity market.

after the rally
oil prices and stocks three major stock
US stocks fell as unstable
Oil changed investors’ opinion before
Fed meeting next week.
"Investors will always look
the commodity market as a barometer of the world
economy. Plus, we saw
sample support S P 500", – He speaks
Art Hogan, chief market strategist
Wunderlich Securities in New York.

Index S P
began to fall when the price of US
Oil began to decline again. Futures
Oil yesterday fell slightly after rising
4% as the market ignored
reduction in raw material stocks in the US and
I focused on distillates of data
including diesel fuel stocks
which turned out to be two times higher than the
expected. "We have a disgusting
bear market goods and plans to raise the Fed interest rates, – says Robert
Phipps, director Per
Stirling Capital Management. – People
are concerned that prices may
up at the wrong time".

According to the results
trading yesterday, the Dow industrial
Jones fell to 0,43%, S P 500 –
to 0.77% and the Nasdaq Composite – 1.48%. power
Index closed by growth of 1.3% after
drop by more than 10% from the beginning of December. investors
greatly concerned about slowing Chinese
economy and its impact on global demand
commodity, many also see
signs of weakness in manufacturing
industry in the US. "I think the market
begins to be more afraid of a global
the economic downturn", – says Paul
Nolte, senior vice president and manager
in Kingsview Asset Management in Chicago.

shares of oil
corporations rose slightly yesterday:
Kinder Morgan (+ 0,1%), ExxonMobil added (+ 1,3%), Chevron
– (1.3%). On the news of the impending merger
very good stocks rose himkompanii
DuPont and the Dow Chemical – approximately 11.9%.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. It fell by 3.7% due to news
Reduction of investments and falling
production. Shares of Yahoo! Inc. fell on
1.3% when the company refused to allocate
its stake in the Chinese Internet giant
Alibaba into a separate independent company.
Paper retailer Costco Wholesale Corp. cheaper
5.4% on weak reporting and action
sportswear manufacturer
Lululemon Athletica Inc. It fell to 13.1% after the deterioration

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