Spider Grid mt5

Spider Grid mt5

This expert is virtually a copy of my expert released for MT4 Spider Grid terminal. Counselor been tested for periods of M15 and above, the lower frames give a lot of false signals. The main feature is that the adviser does not trade in both directions at the same time as the version for the MT4, it is because the MT5 terminal fails to comply with orders to both sides on the same graph, but this is not an obstacle, so at the same time with this version will be released Advisor Spider Grid MT5 Plus, where the idea of ​​trading will be implemented in both directions on the MT5 terminal. Which version you like adviser to you. By purchasing any Spider Grid advisor version MT5 terminal, the second version you get on favorable terms, for this you need to contact me.

Input parameters

  • FirstLots – The initial order opening auction
  • Lot_Proc_from_Balance – The function of opening the original lots in% of the deposit, if the 0-disabled
  • Martin – Martin
  • MartinPlus – Unit, which varies for each Martin following order. If the value is positive, Martin increases if a negative value, Martin reduced if a 0-setting is disabled
  • GridStep – Spacing orders
  • GridStepPlus – The auto change the mesh size of orders. If the positive-step value increases, if the negative-reduced if the 0-setting is disabled
  • MaxOrders – The maximum number of warrants
  • TP_pips – Take profit, in paragraphs
  • SL_pips – Stop-loss orders, in paragraphs
  • Trail_SL_start – A trailing stop in points
  • Trail_SL_pips – Distance trailing stop, as specified in paragraphs
  • TF – Time frame advisor
  • RSI_Period – RSI indicator Period
  • MFI_Period – Period indicator MFI
  • CCI_Period – Period indicator CCI
  • CountBars – The number of bars, how many bars must confirm the signal to open a position.
  • Execution type – Type of order execution

Be sure to use the VPS and broker with a low spread. When purchasing an expert first examined in his work, and then put on a live account if you will not understand something, ask questions, help you install and configure.

Recommended deposit of 1000 base currency per pair, this conclusion was made after testing the strategy tester in the last year, perhaps a deposit may be less, but the load on the deposit, at some point, it may become critical.

Spider Grid mt5

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