Adviser puts limit orders on the trending and
automatically updates them, it uses the built-in money management,
which simplifies the operation of counting! After opening the adviser position
accompanied by warrants and edits take-profit and stop-loss as a function
the channel! Advisor works with the trend and against the different settings.
The adviser is not an indispensable tool for both professional traders
and beginners! The best thing is the building itself a trader, not a single
the robot can not build and adjust the line as it is necessary, all that
you need is to build trend lines or channels, and the adviser will make
all the rest for you. When you transfer counselor at the schedule created
trend lines at a distance of 100 points from the old current price
red and blue, all you need – is to move them to where you want


  • TrendMode both – trade with the trend and against, trend – (the trend), contr – (against the trend)
  • Lots = 0.01 – Fixed lot
  • MaxRiskTrend 3 – The maximum risk of the transaction as a percentage of the trend
  • MaxRiskContr 3 – The maximum risk of the transaction as a percentage against the trend
  • TakeProfitTrend 60 – Take Profit as a percentage of the trend
  • TakeProfitContr 30 – Take Profit as a percentage against the trend
  • StopLossTrend 20 – Stop loss as a percentage of the trend
  • StopLossContr 20 – Stop loss percentage against the trend
  • Magic 5000 – Magic number
  • NameBase “ETL” – Name of trend lines

Configuration Tips

  • Default settings for beginners!



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