Advisor to the grid using the EMA for filtering and CCi trend to enter the market. There is a trend setting / kontrtrend for manual filtering to the flat and the trend of the market areas or traded instruments. For the calculation of the lot using an intelligent algorithm, depending on the order situation. The Advisor integrated filter unidirectional minimum distance between the orders, it is calculated on the basis given by percent from the mean daily candle 21 days, thereby avoiding excessive load on the deposit. Profit-taking takes place on the set to set the percentage of the deposit. By good calculation of the lot, the filter on the distance open and proven indicators to profit fairly minimum price rollback that reduces the drawdown and increases the frequency of profit-taking.

Risk management: in spite of everything, a counselor in the grid goes into the category of high-risk, its use can make or ALL lose!

necessarily test and optimize adviser before you buy! Recommended item – 0.02 per 1 000 units of balance!

Input parameters

  • Contr Trande trade with or against the trend
  • Period EMA period EMA
  • Period CCI period CCI
  • Applied price price, which will be applied to the LEDs
  • Timeframe timeframe for the indicators
  • Percent (ATR 21 Daily) percentage of average daily candle for 21 days, the distance between the unidirectional orders
  • Profit for close percentage of profits from the balance to closing orders
  • Closing metod method of closing orders (profit bearers of warrants, the total profit of both methods)
  • Order lot initial Offer
  • Use balance multiplier the multiplier for use of the lot on the balance (current balance / initial balance)
  • Use lot multiplier for the lot multiplier
  • Magic number the magic number of the order
  • Slippage slip


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