Advisor calculates the double / triple divergence of the volume and starts. It uses a unique formula for calculating the lots, which greatly increases the stability of the trade.

Recommended TF – 1h. Currency pair – EURUSD, but the adviser can work on any trading tools, not prone to high volatility.


  1. mode – You can manually set the direction of traffic;
  2. close – the closing level of orders (for details on the screenshot);
  3. Step between orders – step-in points between orders;
  4. Maximum orders – the maximum number of orders;
  5. First Lot – Par for the first order (if Risk = 0);
  6. Or Risk (if Risk 0, not used) – risk percentage. When 0, the First Lot.
  7. Magic – magic number to distinguish “their” orders;
  8. Comment to the order – comment on the open orders;
  9. InpBandsPeriod – setting InpBandsPeriod indicator Bands;
  10. InpBandsShift – setting InpBandsShift indicator Bands;
  11. InpBandsDeviations – setting InpBandsDeviations Bands indicator.


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