Turtle Price Channel Breakout tfmt4

Turtle Price Channel Breakout tfmt4

Immortalized turtles, this system is based on the price channel breakout (Price Channel breakout) or Donchian channel (Donchian Channel breakout). As the development trend and the emergence of new price highs and lows the price has exceeded the upper or lower price channel. After entering the secondary market price channel is used to exit the trailing (trailing exit). Advisor calculates the position size based on the percentage of the volatility (Percent Volatility position sizing) for the uniform handling of any characters and tick values, reduce losses, and reducing them to a predictable percentage. Lot size is calculated based on the foot. If the price moves in the lucrative direction, additional items are added (configurable input parameters) as the system increases the volume of pyramid (system pyramids).

While the Turtles used the system in the futures market with tightly specified settings, and correlation rules, Advisor allows you to change the input parameters to work with different symbols and timeframes. Turtle can trade on the system 1 (20 bars entrance, exit 10 bars), system 2 (55 bars entrance, exit 20 bars) or using a combination thereof. Advisor allows you to select any number of bars to enter and exit without restricting your system 1 or 2. Advisor covers only its position (with the same magic number).

Note: The values ​​of the input parameters are not optimized default. We recommend pre-work with a product demo, to select the most optimal combination of parameters on the basis of permissible for you the level of risk, and increase profit potential. trend following systems are based on long-term probabilities (long term probabilities). Although such systems have lower gain indicators they reach profitability by major trends, quickly getting rid of unprofitable trades and letting profits run. Testing on several symbols indicates that the advisor profit trend symbols exceeds a small loss on the non-trend pair.

Entry and pyramiding

Advisor to enter the market when the price overcomes the maximum or minimum price channel in accordance with Entry_Periods parameter. Advisor adds the position as soon as the price reaches a new high or low, without waiting for the next bar. Turtle back to trading, their system 1 to open long position when the price overcome the upper limit of 20 bars price channel, in other words when the price rose above 20 preceding bars. The system 1 to open short positions when the price surmounted the lower boundary of the 20 bars of the price channel. System 2 is to open long positions when the price broke through the upper limit of the 55 bars of the price channel. System 2 is to open short positions when the price surmounted the lower boundary of the 55 bars of the price channel. When Max_Units carried out over 1 additional inputs into the market, increasing the amount of position (pyramiding) increments ATR, the prescribed parameter ATR_between_Pyramids.


The outputs from the market place by using trailing price channels defined parameter Exit_Periods. When the price is set and reaches the channel exit point counselor closes all positions, including open by pyramiding. Turning to trade turtles, their system 1 coming out of a long position when the price touches the lower boundary of the 10 bars of the price channel. System 1 is left out of the short position when the price touches the upper border 10 bars price channel. System 2 is coming out of a long position when the price touches the lower boundary of the 20 bars of the price channel. System 2 coming out of the short position when the price touches the upper border 20 bars price channel.

The size and position of the stop levels

Advisor calculates the position based on the volume percentage of the volatility associated with the stop level. Stop layer uses the parameters ATR_Periods and Stop_Range_ATR to calculate the ATR, and then multiplies the two values ​​to find the distance of the stop level of the entry price. Stop levels are not displayed (are not coded into) with the position, but closes the adviser position if the price reaches the stop value. As you add additional units at pyramiding stop loss is moved in accordance with the last entry price. Using the value of the stop level (Risk_Percent option), and your account information (tick size, lot, decimal places, etc.), the adviser determines the size of the position, using the distance from the entrance to the stop level and limiting the number of lots at the level you specify percentage. As a result, each symbol, price volatility and are treated the same. As the size of your position is changing under the influence of profits or subsidence, these changes are taken into account in determining the position size.

Input parameters

  • Entry_Periods – calculating the number of bars for the maxima and minima are used in calculating the breakthroughs (entry breakouts).
  • Exit_Periods – calculating the number of bars for the maxima and minima are used when leaving the trailing (trailing exits).
  • Risk_Percent – percentage of risk in one position when the stop price level. Example: if you assume the risk 2% of your funds, set parameter value 2.
  • ATR_Periods – the number of bars used in calculating the ATR.
  • Stop_Range_ATR – this value is multiplied by the ATR, to determine the location of the stop level with respect to the entry price. Example: if you want to install the stop level at a distance of 2 * ATR from the price, set the parameter value 2.
  • Max_Units – maximum number of entries in the market (including the first one) to the extent that, as the position moves in the direction of the lucrative and adds advisor position of pyramid.
  • ATR_between_Pyramids – this value is multiplied by the ATR for use in the calculation, when the next position at pyramiding must be added. Example: at a value of 1.5 is added next piramidingovaya position when the price reaches plus entry level (1.5 * ATR) for long positions or minus level input (1.5 * ATR) for short positions.
  • Slippage – the size of the allowable slip at the opening position.
  • Reduction_Percent – the amount by which decreases your balance when calculating the size of the position. Example: If the parameter is equal to 20, in position during the drawdown size will be 20% less than without reduction. When calculating the size of the position, the adviser will take into account only 80% of the actual amount of your money to reduce the risk to the end of the period of drawdown.

The above screenshot shows, firstly, a short position in a state of stop-out, and secondly, a lucrative purchase with multiple positions open on the principle of pyramiding, as well as out of it, and thirdly, the entrance for sale in the state stop-out . The graph also assessed our free channel price indicator with a green line showing the 20-channel bars to enter the market (20 bar entry price channels), and a red line – 10 bars exit channel (10 bar exit price channels).

Denial of responsibilityTrade is speculative and is not suitable for all investors. Investors should only jeopardize the money that they are willing to lose, because there is always the risk of substantial losses. Investors should be fully aware of their financial capabilities before making a deal. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Hypothetical or simulated results of operations have limitations and do not represent actual trading. In addition, since such transactions have not been fulfilled in reality, the results can be skewed one way or another due to various unrecorded market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Programs that simulate commercial activities, operate only historical data without any assurances that any account can be achieved the same or approximately the same profit or loss, which are stated in the description.

Turtle Price Channel Breakout tfmt4

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