Top 5 most scandalous traders in world

Top 5 most scandalous traders in the world

There is a saying: "Wise
man learns from others’ mistakes, smart – on its own, a fool
He does not study at all. If you can not be wise not to stay
fool." In order not to be a fool to be watchful, carefully
and considerate in their decisions. I suggest you read the stories of people,
which is considered one of the most scandalous traders is:

1. William
Herbert Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt

2. Piter Yang

3. Julian Robertson

4. Dzhon Merivezer

5. Jerome Kervil

Further details about the
each of them.

1. Brothers Hant- amount of losses in the course of trade in silver
does not apply

William Herbert Hunt and Nelson Bunker
Hunt performed the operation for the purchase of over a hundred million ounces of silver in 1980
year, which led to the fact that they brought down the price of silver up to 50 USD per ounce.
Reduction was launched in 1980 (in January), and later – March 27, 1980
(This day is called “Silver Thursday”) – quotes have collapsed even more

after such
a significant drop, the Hunt brothers completed sale transaction of 59 million
ounces (which are bought for 1.75 billion) to 1.2 billion, after which it was
It recorded a loss of $ 550 million dollars. They continued to work
in the same direction to complete bankruptcy in 1988. Nelson Haight received
also sentenced to return $ 10 million in an attempt to carry out control
precious metals prices.

2. Piter Yang – poteryalv during the financial fraud
about $ 400 million

Piter Yang has held the position of manager in
Company «MorganGrenfellAssetManagement», which later acquired
«DeutscheBank». Young was fired when violations have been found in the management of
assets «EuropeanGrowthTrust», which he managed. Piter Yang illegally created
several companies in order to implement various trading stock options in their
interests. Under his management, the fund suffered a loss of $ 220 million
British pounds, trader Yang escaped from the government. Within 2 years of its
spotted in London, dressed in women’s clothes.

he was
charged with fraudulent transactions. But Yang’s mental state
It did not allow punishment to be realized. After that, when detained in disguise
women’s clothing, he demanded to be called Elizabeth, psychiatrists established
it appropriate diagnosis.

3. Julian Robertson – losses in the stock market in the amount of
$ 17 billion

Dzhulian Robertson formerly famous for its
Investor talent. In 1980, he created «TigerManagement» fund, and for the period
of hedge fund 1980-1996 years, with 8 million 8 billion it was made. But
The year 1998 was fatal for the fund. Robetson made two big mistakes – working
against the Yen and miscalculated with shares of technology companies.

Robetson being
investors who invest large sums in buying the most promising as they
thought, technology stocks, which, as it turned out – not
promising. As a result of these errors fund suffered significant losses – assets
reduced to a small amount for the fund of $ 6 billion, and in 2000,
fund was closed, the capital returned to investors.

4. Dzhon Merivezer – a loss in the course of trade in the amount of 6

Dzhon Merivezer, an experienced
trader, in 1994 the company opened the «Long-Term CapitalManagement»,
total capital which is about $ 100 billion. Meriwether
Connect the larger number of customers, investors, he promised minimal risks and
maximum profit.

one fatal
error decided the fate of a hedge fund – in 1998 an error occurred – Fund
made a big bet on the Russian market and its stabilization, but the fund
It went bankrupt due to the fact that the Russian Federation has refused taken
commitments in the field of finance. The US government has provided a loan to the fund
the amount of 3.6 billion USD in order to avoid the crisis, but it has subsequently
aggravate the situation and increase the loss of up to 4 billion. Already in 2000,
the company was liquidated.

5. ZheromKervil – losses in the futures trading
Euro around $ 7 billion.

from the account
«SocieteGenerale» – a major European financial institution was recorded
the loss of $ 7 billion. Accusations fell on the Curve Jerome,
trader who held a position in «SocieteGenerale» the bank, on January 26, he
He was arrested by the financial police in Paris. The volume of its trade was
about 50 billion euros, which is many times higher than the bank’s own capital.
Taking into account that a significant amount, members of the court came to the conclusion that
not only Jerome Curve involved in this scam, but also the person managing
Bank. It was 2 criminal cases – one on the Curve Jerome, the other – on the
an anonymous person.

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