Profi Spec

profi Spec

adviser profi Spec – bezindikatorny expert working equally well on any market instruments. The signal for opening occurs when: current price, pivot (An important technical level) and support and resistance levels meet at one point (with an error MaxDiff * Spreads).

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  • MarketExecution – if true, open position without TS / TA with subsequent modification;
  • Expert_INFO – any text information on the screen;
  • Expert_Id – identification of the transaction;
  • StartTradeDate – start date of backtesting;
  • AllowedDirection – 0 = buying and selling, 1 = only purchase and -1 only sales;
  • AllowTradeOnMonday – true: allow trade on Mondays; false: prohibit trade on Mondays;
  • IntraDayWorkTime – time periods (HH: MM-HH: MM), in which allowed the opening of positions (separated by commas). The number of slots is not limited. Starting and ending moments indicated considered working. Going through midnight given intervals 2 ( “23: 00-23: 59,00: 00-00: 59”);
  • LotPercent – if the value of >0, set a fixed size of the lot, if the value of <0 -% of the account balance;
  • StopLoss – the level of CO, 0 – No SL;
  • TakeProfit – the level of the TP, 0 – no TP;
  • BreakEven_After – when the profits «BreakEven_After» – TS is transferred to the level of «BreakEven_To»;
  • BreakEven_To – the level at which is carried by the TA after the «BreakEven_After»;
  • AllowTrailing – true: activated complex trailing stop «Running knot» ( «Running node”);
  • TrailingUdavka_dist_1 – initial trailing stop (in points);
  • TrailingUdavka_level_1 – when you reach this level of profit is reduced to the value of trailing «TrailingUdavka_dist_2»;
  • TrailingUdavka_dist_2 – new trailing after reaching a profit «TrailingUdavka_level_1»;
  • TrailingUdavka_level_2 – when you reach this level of profit is reduced to the value of trailing «TrailingUdavka_dist_3»;
  • TrailingUdavka_dist_3 – new trailing after reaching a profit «TrailingUdavka_level_2»;
  • AllowReverseClose – true: closing on opposite signal;
  • OnlyInProfit= True – cover only profitable for the opposite signal;
  • TimeFrame – the schedule for the period of analysis;
  • MinAddOrdersDistance – the minimum distance between the refill;
  • MaxDiff – The maximum distance between the pivot-levels (spreads!);
  • MaxDiffSig1 – the maximum distance between the first pivot-level and yesterday’s High-Low (in spreads).

Filters and signal cancellation

  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread (in points);
  • EMA_Period – MA for a period of EMA filter (0 – disable checking); if the price<EMA_Period – cancel all buy signals; if the price>EMA_Period – cancel all sell signal;
  • Momentum_Period – period Momentum filter;
  • Momentum_Filtr – if the price <100-Momentum_Filtr – cancel all buy signals; at a value price >100 + Momentum_Filtr – cancel all sell signals;
  • UseADX – 1: ADX filter to use, 0: Do not use ADX filter;
  • ADX_Period – period ADX filter;
  • ADX_Applied_Price – ADX filter parameter;
  • ADX_Min – minimum allowable value ADX;
  • ADX_Max – maximum allowable value ADX;
  • ADX_MinROST – the minimum required ADX gains on the last bar.

Filter along the lines of support / resistance (an indicator of the floating channel Barishpolts Shi_Channel)

  • Shi_OutChannelFiltr – true: to cancel the buy signals below support and sell signals above the resistance;
  • Shi_MinChannelH_p – minimum allowable channel width (in points);
  • Shi_Max_Distance_percent – allowable distance to support / resistance levels (% of the current channel width);
  • AllBars – an internal parameter Shi_Channel indicator;
  • BarsForFract – an internal parameter Shi_Channel indicator.

ZigZag filter

  • FiltrZigZag – true: use the ZigZag filter;
  • InpDepth – an internal parameter ZigZag indicator;
  • InpDeviation – an internal parameter ZigZag indicator;
  • InpBackstep – an internal parameter ZigZag indicator.

Only the first two weeks, we have established special price of $ 100, which will be gradually increased in the period of November-December 2014 will be about $ 1,000.

Profi Spec

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