The software provides a new and effective method of simultaneous multiple automatic transaction management, giving you a competitive edge.

Manager for MetaTrader 4 and allows you to set the parameters of multiple transactions in different markets in order to avoid trading on emotions.

particularly useful tool intraday traders who mainly rely on quick decisions and are most susceptible to emotions.

Functions and Features

  • Up to three target levels of income depending on the volume
  • Trailing Stop (TrSt) allows you to get the most out of each transaction!
  • bezubytka level reduces the risk of reaching a certain level of profit
  • Ability to choose the time of your closing (full or partial) position – well suited for the protection of the deposit before the release of news
  • Displays the current spread when choosing the perfect time for a deal
  • Automatic management of multiple transactions in the same instrument
  • Ability to set the trading parameters for pending orders

The setting is made directly in the MetaTrader 4 (See. Screenshots)

  • Magic: the magic number deals. If you need to have the utility ran simultaneously in two transactions on the same pair, the two graphs is necessary to open that character and start the Manager on each of them with the necessary settings and in different magic numbers.
  • Slippage: maximum slippage at the entrance to the market or the outlet thereof (in points).
  • WinYpos: move the table on axis Y.
  • WinXpos: move the table along the axis X.
  • winSide: select the position of the table on the graph (left, right, or center).
  • WinColor: Table background color.
  • TextColor: Table text color.
  • TP_LineColor: color line profit target in the right side of the graph.
  • TP_LineColor: color lines trailing stop on the right side of the graph.


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