Heiken Ashi Levels

Heiken Ashi Levels


The indicator is designed for building layout in the form of horizontal layers of circular and / or semicircular prices in a separate window on the Heiken Ashi chart.

The indicator can be used with any broker, no matter what the name of a financial instrument, as its name must be entered manually as an input parameter. If you enter a non-existent or incorrect name of a financial instrument you will receive an error message that this financial instrument is unknown (does not exist).

The user is given the opportunity to paint the indicator lines.

Input parameters

  1. Currency_Name – the name of the financial instrument.
  2. Calc_Method – method of calculation of the levels:
    • 0 – round price levels.
    • 1 – levels semicircular prices.
  3. Digits_Accepted – flag for calculating the level of the number of characters in the quotation of the financial instrument:
    • true – given the importance of the number of characters.
    • false – without taking into account the importance of the number of characters.
  4. Level_Color – color display levels.
  5. Bars_Number – the number of bars to display in a separate window.
  6. Bid_Line_Color – color line price Bid.
  7. Bars_Flag – flag on the display resolution set in parameter Bars_Number number of bars:
    1. true – in accordance with the amount Bars_Number.
    2. false – the maximum available number of bars in history. 
  8. Bulls_Color – color of the Bull Candle.
  9. Bears_Color – color of the Bear Candle.

By default, the system calculates and builds round price levels taking into account the importance of the number of characters in the quotation.


The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading advisor in the composition. indications of indicator types of buffers can be used for automated trading double:

  1. prices Heiken Ashi: Low or High – buffer 2. If the value of buffer 2 > 3 buffer, then the buffer contains 2 High price, otherwise the buffer 2 is Low price.
  2. prices Heiken Ashi: High or Low – Buffer 3.
  3. prices Heiken Ashi: Open – 3 buffer.
  4. prices Heiken Ashi: Close – buffer 4.
  5. The highest level – the buffer 6.
  6. The lowest level – 7 buffer.

Intermediate levels should be calculated with a pitch corresponding to the circular or semicircular value prices taking into account the parameter Digits_Accepted, starting from the values ​​of the lowest and highest levels obtained when polling indicator buffers on the corresponding bar.


The indicator operates subject to the availability of historical data on the financial instrument in an amount of at least ten bars. Otherwise, an error message prompting you to update the historical database. 

Heiken Ashi Levels

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