Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

USD / RUB. 30.08. The ruble remains under pressure

With the reduction in oil prices and the loss of investor interest in risky assets quotes of the ruble rebounded from earlier highs and settled at 58.50. Withdrawal of investors to safer assets was caused by the aggravation of geopolitical tensions as a result of missile tests made North Korea over Japan. In response, Japan’s prime minister insists on holding an extraordinary UN Security Council meeting.

Completion of the tax period in Russia is also deprived of support the ruble. Today at 16:30 Moscow time, is expected to yield data on US GDP, which may cause increased volatility on the pair USD / RUB. Stochastic indicator is close to the neutral zone. MACD grow from the bottom up to zero.

USD / JPY. 30.08. “Absorption” from the lows

Currency pair USD / JPY has formed a bullish pattern “absorption” after tested the lows may begin the long-awaited rise to 114.00.

The US dollar strengthened after the geopolitical tensions receded, and US economic indicators have raised optimism of investors on the eve of Friday’s employment report.

Today, the pair tested the 110.00 level, amplified the downward trend line, if it is possible to gain a foothold above it, it is likely to continue to grow. The immediate objective is to shop at around 111.00, near the site of convergence of simple averages with periods of 50 and 100 on the daily time frame, the following – 112.00-112.50, 114.00.

EUR / USD. 30.08. Pair passed to a phase correction

Growth of the euro has been capped at 1.2069, the highest value over the past 2.5 years. The pair shows a downward correction against the background of US dollar got stronger. Support for US currency had a positive data on consumer confidence in the United States. August index increased by 2.4% to 122.9. The previous value was fixed at the level of 120.3.

Today at 16:30 in Moscow is expected to yield data on US GDP. If the data come out better than expected, the pair continues its downward movement. potential movement can be described in 1,1870-1,1830.

Histogram MACD moved to decrease and entrenched in the negative area, which gives a further correction signal pair. Stochastic – near the oversold area.

Key support levels: 1.1925 and 1.1825.

Resistance levels: 1.1980 and 1.2060.

GBP / USD. 30.08. “Ping-bar” at the level of Fibonacci 50.0

Currency pair pound / dollar has formed on the daily chart reversal candlestick pattern “pin-bar” above the level of 1.2900, a reinforced area of ​​50.0 Fibonacci line and SMA (100). Apparently, the upward correction is over and we can look at the sales of medium-term objective at 1.2650.

On H4 after the bearish pattern “rails” pair tested the 1.2900 and is now gathering forces for the next breakthrough. Penetration level – confirming a sell signal.

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