USDCHF US Dollar rising

USD / CHF: US Dollar rising


Economic data coming recently from the United States, contribute
strengthening of the US dollar throughout the market and growth of the pair USD / CHF.

indicators of business activity in the manufacturing sector in the United States of dispersal
Inflation in February, consumer confidence and GDP in the 4th quarter turned out better
prediction (1.0% vs. 0.4%) and other data support the stable recovery

With another
hand, the economic situation in Switzerland is getting worse. previously published
the ZEW economic expectations index, which assesses the business climate, the situation
the market employment and other aspects of the current state of the Swiss economy, for
February came out with a reduction in value (-5.9 in addition to the negative
value of -3.0 in January). The high rate of national currency promotes
reduction of exports from the country and the flow of tourists to Switzerland. According to the SNB rate
Franc is still significantly overvalued, which prevents the growth of the Swiss economy and
acceleration of inflation in the country. The position of the SNB and its possible unexpected
intervention to trading on a Swiss franc currency market sales constrain growth
franc and attach pair USD / CHF upward momentum. National Bank of Switzerland a regular meeting of the Monetary
Policy will be held on 17 March. And this week, all eyes will be focused traders
on Friday, when the 13:30 (GMT) data on the state of the market will be published
US labor (NFP – the number of new jobs created in the US non-farm

the data will be positive, the US dollar also strengthened throughout the market, in
including the pair USD / CHF.

USDCHF US Dollar rising

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