Quantum Trend Monitor Indicator

Quantum Trend Monitor Indicator

Currency pairs never grow up and do not fall in a straight line. Their ups and downs interspersed with setbacks and reversals. Every growth and every drop is reflected on your emotional state: hope replaced fear, and when he passes, there is hope again. The market uses your fear to prevent you to take a strong position. At such moments, you are most vulnerable.

Everything will change, if you use Quantum Trend Monitor indicator. In addition, in this case, you get two full indicator for the price of one!

Quantum Trend Monitor indicator was created to neutralize temporary pauses and setbacks. It analyzes the behavior of the price, and if there is a temporary weakness of the trend changes color to dark red or dark blue. In the case of a pronounced trend direction change indicator will change color to a brighter.

In other words, Quantum Trend Monitor indicator monitors the strength of the trend. On the chart, it appears as a continuous horizontal band. This indicator works in conjunction with the indicator Quantum Trends, helping you to always act in the direction of the trend !! And this is one of the most challenging tasks in trading. But with the indicator Quantum Trend Monitor, it will legkovypolnimym business. We call this indicator “profit generator”, because it is what he does. It will help you for a long time to hold any position, maximizing your profits. It will no longer be closed positions early and bitter regret. No decisions on emotions. Just watch the operation indicator Quantum Trend Monitor, which monitors the market situation for you!

LED displays in the lower part of the graph continuous strip which, depending on market conditions has four color options:

  • Bright blue – bullish trend
  • Bright red – a strong bearish
  • Dark blue – the weakness of the trend
  • Dark red – weak trend

First, Quantum Trends indicator informs you of a possible new trend. If it is a strong trend, Quantum Trend Monitor stain strip on the chart in bright blue or bright red, supporting Quantum Trends indicator of the development trend.

With the simultaneous use on multiple timeframes, this indicator really “make the trend your friend.” With it, you can keep track of trends in multiple timeframes in real time, minimizing risk, increasing revenues and improving overall profitability.

After the Quantum Trends shaped signal work joins his “sister” – Quantum Trend Monitor indicator. Together they are the perfect tool to manage your positions. Will no longer be a place of fear, doubt and uncertainty. Profit on your account will increase, and with it grow and confidence!

And that is not all!

Remember, you get two lights for the price of one! To improve the efficiency Quantum Trend Monitor display incorporates a unique trend line, which allows you to always be aware of the price movement. For simplicity and clarity indicator draws it over the horizontal bar in the form of a yellow line. The line represents the driving force of the trend, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • If a yellow line is above the zero line, the uptrend is present
  • If a yellow line is below the zero line, the downtrend is present
  • The intersection of the yellow line and the zero line indicates a trend reversal
  • The farther yellow line from the zero line, the higher the strength and dynamics of the trend

To paraphrase the old saying, you can say, one indicator is good, but two – better! Now with the help of the indicator Quantum Trend Monitor and yellow trend line you get a full picture of the trend. Trade with the trend and increase in profits has never been easier.

And finally .. This a new generation of indicators for MT4 platform. Almost all of our lights can be customized according to your trading style. For what? When shopping, from clothing to cars, you are always guided by their tastes and preferences. So why not do the same when choosing a trading indicators? After all requirements for scalping will be quite different from the requirements for trading on a swing or trend. You will not buy the wrong size clothes. So why should we put up with buying nenastraivaemyh indicators? Is not it?

In our opinion, flexibility is not appropriate!

Therefore, like our other indicators, Quantum Trend Monitor can be configured to suit your trading style, and the benefits of this are obvious: greater stability and profit. Tools must comply with the work performed. For high-precision trade need specific tools and fine-tuning. No need to settle for second-rate products.

With indicator Quantum Trend Monitor control – in your hands. It’s like a volume control on the radio. You adjust the sensitivity of the indicator according to your preferences. Slightly increase the sensitivity, and the indicator will inform you about the phases of saturation, which is extremely important when scalping. Reducing the sensitivity, you get an indicator that will smooth out the phase and help you be kept in long-term trends in order to maximize profits.

This indicator works on all timeframes.

To enter the market is not difficult, but to keep it much more difficult. With indicator Quantum Trend Monitor and its unique yellow trend line to stay in the trend will be much easier!

Click here to learn how to configure the Quantum Trend Monitor indicator

Quantum Trend Monitor Indicator

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