News Filter based EA Controller

News Filter based EA Controller

News Filter based EA Controller (NFC) – this is a very handy utility to control the state of your automatic trading advisors during important news. NFC is programmed to prevent automated expert trading during important news. NFC leverages the resources of the computer, and your data gets from Forex Factory calendar. Do not specify the time zone of your broker, NFC will do this automatically.

NFC has been successfully used and tested in the MetaTrader 4 on your home computer with Microsoft Windows operating system. Work on other systems can not be guaranteed. However, I am interested in removing all restrictions that are on other operating systems. Attach the NFC to any chart of any tayfmreyma and allow automated trading. After a specified time Controller will check whether to suppress automatic trading advisors or not. Please note that in the new business and can not be closed existing can not be opened while the news release other advisers.

How exactly does the NFC?

Due to the fact that the use of DLL libraries in MQL Market is not allowed, you can not enable or disable the internal trading conditions in the MetaTrader. , NFC operates in the following manner during important news events to overcome this problem. For some time before the release of important news, NFC retains the properties and patterns of all the graphs (including all settings advisors and indicators), and then close all charts except graphics with NFC. After the end of the news, he opens the saved graphics and applies these graphs saved templates. Thus, templates are stored in the Templates folder, and the graphics settings will be saved in CSV-file in MQL4 / Files current client MT4 folder.

Steps for the proper performance of

  1. Add the following reference in the list, which allowed WebRequests, in MetaTrader 4 settings and enable this option: “”
  2. Add NFC to any schedule with lyuby timeframe and allow automated trading.

Be careful with the NFC settings, which cover transactions and orders, as other new business advisors or order at a time when NFC is in the process of disabling automatic trading can be opened! For proper operation, you must enable automated trading for NFC. Otherwise, to the advisors will apply templates without the inclusion of automated trading! Before using NFC on your core MT4 terminal, test NFC and set it up on the test MT4 terminal. Next, make a backup copy of the profile to your settings before using the NFC, as errors and bugs that can damage your current profile. Despite the fact that this has never happened to me, a backup can save on a lot of trouble!

Settings & Options

News Filter Settings – news Filter settings

  • Enable NFC Operation – Allow NFC job
  • Update Interval for News – Interval news updates
  • Disable EAs only if all Trades and Orders are closed – Disable advisers only if covered all the transactions and orders
  • Enable EAs after News (in Minutes) – Switch-on time counselors after the news (in minutes)
  • Disable EAs before News (in Minutes) – Advisers off time before the news (in minutes)
  • Minimum Impact of News – minimum significant news

Session Settings – Session Settings

  • Session Number – number of session
  • Load previously saved Session (false: Delete old Session) – Load a previously saved session (false: Delete old session)

Order and Trade Settings – Settings orders and deals

  • Close pending Orders – Close pending orders
  • Close active Trades – Close the active deals
  • Close only Trades in Profit – Close only profitable trades
  • Close only Trades in Loss – Close only losing trades

Currency Settings – Currency Options

  • Use Filter for all News – Use a filter for all the news
  • Use Filter for EUR News – Use a filter for the news on the EUR
  • Use Filter for USD News – Use a filter for the news on the USD
  • Use Filter for GBP News – Use a filter for the news on the GBP
  • Use Filter for JPY News – Use a filter for the news on the JPY
  • Use Filter for NZD News – Use a filter for the news on the NZD
  • Use Filter for AUD News – Use a filter for the news on the AUD
  • Use Filter for CHF News – Use a filter for the news on the CHF
  • Use Filter for CAD News – Use a filter for the news on CAD
  • Use Filter for CNY News – Use a filter for the news on the CNY

Other Settings – Other Settings

  • Consider all Magic Numbers – Take into account all the magic numbers
  • Magic Number: The Magic Number
  • Consider all Symbols (false: Consider Symbol of current Chart) – Consider all the characters (false: take into account the character of the current chart)
  • Maximum Attempts to close and delete Orders – The maximum number of closing and removal orders
  • Maximum Slippage in Pips to close Trades – Maximum slippage in pips to close deals

A responsibility

The developer is not responsible for any loss, damages or lost profits resulting from the use of this product.

News Filter based EA Controller

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