NewLogicConservativeEurUsdH1 Advisor trades EURUSD pair on a time interval H1 – 1 hour, signals MACD indicator filter according Stochastic Oscillator, DeMarker, Moving Average, Force Index.

Trading volume set by the user. It is possible to configure parameters of the indicator, profit, loss, trailing stop.

Signal to buy or sell is supplied from the intersection of MACD indicator value from the moving average signal, is used as a filter oscillators Stochastic, DeMarker, Moving Average, Force Index.

Input parameters:

  • TakeProfit = 900 – the maximum profit
  • StopLoss = 900 – limiting the maximum losses
  • Lots = 0.2 – value of open orders
  • TrailingStop = 300 – transfer order into the black, a distance to change the level StopLoss
  • MACDOpenLevelBuy = 60 – Buy order opening level
  • MACDOpenLevelSell = 40 – the level of opening a Sell order
  • MACDCloseLevel = 80 – the level of the forced closing order
  • MATrendPeriod = 7 – period moving average
  • MACDPeriod1 = 12 – first line period MACD
  • MACDPeriod2 = 26 – second period lines MACD
  • MACDPeriod3 = 9 – during the MACD signal line


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