HighLow Scalper

HighLow Scalper

Advisor is the breakdown levels (support and resistance) the maximum price and the minimum for a certain period.

Expert works automatically by opening the 2 pending orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop.

Advisor is simple to set up. You can use the standard levels of stop loss and take profit or trailing stop.

In addition, you can customize your own timeframe to search for the breakdown level.

Settings are different for different currency pairs. If you purchased the product, please contact me and I will provide specific settings for your pair.

The default settings are only for EURUSD.

For more information, check out the screenshots and test expert on history.


  • Broker with 4- and 5-digit quotes
  • Minimum Leverage: 1: 300
  • Recommended for ECN-accounts with low spread for short-term trading
  • Fast Internet connection

Input parameters

  • Name – the name that is displayed in the comment to the order.
  • MagicNumber – the magic number that differs from the magic number of advisers working in parallel.
  • TakeProfit – the distance to the level of take profit in pips.
  • StopLoss – distance to the stop-loss level in pips.
  • Silppage – allowable slippage.
  • FixedLots – lot size. Used when parameter UseMM (money management) is set to false.
  • Risk – the risk as a percentage of the account balance.
  • UseMM – automatic management of mania.
  • TFReference – timeframe for finding information about breakdowns, specify 30 for M30, 60 for H1, 240 H4, 1440 the D1, 10080 for W1.
  • MinDistance – the minimum distance from the current price for opening an order.
  • UseTrailling – set to true to use a trailing stop.
  • TraillingStart – distance arrive at the point to start trailing.
  • StepTraillng – the distance from the current price to the level of stop-loss.
  • StartHour – hour start trading.
  • EndHour – hour of trading end.
  • TradingOnMonday – for trading on Monday, set to true.
  • TradingOnTuesday – for trading on Tuesday, set to true.
  • TradingOnWednesday – for trading on Wednesday, set to true.
  • TradingOnThursday – for trading on Thursday set to true.
  • TradingOnFriday – for trading on Friday set to true.


If you need support, help, or have any other questions, please send a private message.

HighLow Scalper

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