Extended Hull Moving Average MT5

Extended Hull Moving Average MT5

The indicator represents extended sliding version
Alan average Hal (Alan Hull Moving Average). Additionally, the parameters
displayed prices and selection smoothing mode for each of the inner
moving averages, including the resultant. Also in the settings
separately added “half-life” moving average for the wider
selection values. In addition, it is possible to shift the direct
left / right on schedule, and up / down in the paragraphs and / or percentage.
Growth / Decline of the moving average are highlighted in different colors.


  • MainPeriod – the period for calculating the inner core moving average
  • HalfPeriod – calculation period “poluperiodovoy” moving average, half of the original embodiment of MainPeriod
  • MainLinePriceType – the price for the calculation of the basic moving average
  • HalfLinePriceType – price calculation “poluperiodovoy” moving average
  • MainSmoothingMethod – smoothing mode basic moving average
  • HalfSmoothingMethod – smoothing mode “poluperiodovoy” moving average
  • ResultSmoothingMethod – mode smoothing the final moving average
  • VerticalShift – offset graphics up / down in paragraphs
  • PercentShift – offset graphics up / down Percentage
  • Displace – offset graphics left / right in bars
  • ArrowUp – code symbol of growth
  • ArrowDn – drop code symbol
  • AddDigits – more precision after the decimal point

Extended Hull Moving Average MT5

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