Breakout Ninja Price Action Breakout

Breakout Ninja Price Action Breakout

Instructions for use

  • Attach to any chart indicator.
  • Select the desired parameters in the “Inputs” in the pop-up display window.
  • Click “OK” to confirm and continue.


  • This indicator reveals breakdowns, using advanced detection strategy. It includes a variety of options, including “Show Arrows” ( “Show arrows”), “Show Max Profits” ( “Show the maximum profit”), “Show Analyzer” ( “Show analyzer”) and others. They can be useful when entering the transaction or when determining the gain or loss that could occur on the basis of previous melon, arrows and lines. In the “Input parameters” you can choose to send notifications, alerts, sounds and display on-screen comments.

Input parameters

  • Period – the period to check the price breakdown.
  • Maximum History Bars – the maximum number of bars in history to calculate and display the indicator.
  • Show Arrows – arrows show the purchase and sale when confirming the breakdown.
  • Show S / R – show the line of support / resistance at bars and confirmed areas.
  • Show Max Profits – to show the expected profit / loss orders placed in the breakdown.
  • Max Profit Text Size – size of the text projected profits.
  • Show Analyzer – Analyzer display window in the lower left corner of the chart. It displays a variety of information, such as breakdowns, false breakdowns, and so on.
  • Analyzer X-Offset – the distance from the analyzer window of the left edge of the graph.
  • Analyzer Y-Offset – the distance from the bottom of the analyzer window edge graphics.
  • Analyzer Text Size – size of the text in the analyzer window.
  • Colors – color indicator of various objects such as “Sell Signal” ( “signal for sale”), “Profit Pips” ( “Profit Pips”), etc.
  • Enable Pop-Up Alerts – a pop-up alert when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Email Alerts – sending messages to e-mail when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Push Notification Alerts – sending push-notification on your mobile device when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Sound Alerts – play sound alerts when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Sound Alert Name – the name of the sound file to play when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Screen Comments – show screen comments in the upper left corner of the screen when it detects a signal to buy or sell.

Breakout Ninja Price Action Breakout


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