Quantum Trend Monitor Indicator

Quantum Trend Monitor Indicator

Currency pairs never grow up and do not fall in a straight line. Their ups and downs interspersed with setbacks and reversals. Every growth and every drop is reflected on your emotional state: hope replaced fear, and when he passes, there is hope again. The market uses your fear to prevent you to take a strong position. At such moments, you are most vulnerable.

Everything will change, if you use Quantum Trend Monitor indicator. In addition, in this case, you get two full indicator for the price of one!

Quantum Trend Monitor indicator was created to neutralize temporary pauses and setbacks. It analyzes the behavior of the price, and if there is a temporary weakness of the trend changes color to dark red or dark blue. In the case of a pronounced trend direction change indicator will change color to a brighter.

In other words, Quantum Trend Monitor indicator monitors the strength of the trend. On the chart, it appears as a continuous horizontal band. This indicator works in conjunction with the indicator Quantum Trends, helping you to always act in the direction of the trend !! And this is one of the most challenging tasks in trading. But with the indicator Quantum Trend Monitor, it will legkovypolnimym business. We call this indicator “profit generator”, because it is what he does. It will help you for a long time to hold any position, maximizing your profits. It will no longer be closed positions early and bitter regret. No decisions on emotions. Just watch the operation indicator Quantum Trend Monitor, which monitors the market situation for you!

LED displays in the lower part of the graph continuous strip which, depending on market conditions has four color options:

  • Bright blue – bullish trend
  • Bright red – a strong bearish
  • Dark blue – the weakness of the trend
  • Dark red – weak trend

First, Quantum Trends indicator informs you of a possible new trend. If it is a strong trend, Quantum Trend Monitor stain strip on the chart in bright blue or bright red, supporting Quantum Trends indicator of the development trend.

With the simultaneous use on multiple timeframes, this indicator really “make the trend your friend.” With it, you can keep track of trends in multiple timeframes in real time, minimizing risk, increasing revenues and improving overall profitability.

After the Quantum Trends shaped signal work joins his “sister” – Quantum Trend Monitor indicator. Together they are the perfect tool to manage your positions. Will no longer be a place of fear, doubt and uncertainty. Profit on your account will increase, and with it grow and confidence!

And that is not all!

Remember, you get two lights for the price of one! To improve the efficiency Quantum Trend Monitor display incorporates a unique trend line, which allows you to always be aware of the price movement. For simplicity and clarity indicator draws it over the horizontal bar in the form of a yellow line. The line represents the driving force of the trend, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • If a yellow line is above the zero line, the uptrend is present
  • If a yellow line is below the zero line, the downtrend is present
  • The intersection of the yellow line and the zero line indicates a trend reversal
  • The farther yellow line from the zero line, the higher the strength and dynamics of the trend

To paraphrase the old saying, you can say, one indicator is good, but two – better! Now with the help of the indicator Quantum Trend Monitor and yellow trend line you get a full picture of the trend. Trade with the trend and increase in profits has never been easier.

And finally .. This a new generation of indicators for MT4 platform. Almost all of our lights can be customized according to your trading style. For what? When shopping, from clothing to cars, you are always guided by their tastes and preferences. So why not do the same when choosing a trading indicators? After all requirements for scalping will be quite different from the requirements for trading on a swing or trend. You will not buy the wrong size clothes. So why should we put up with buying nenastraivaemyh indicators? Is not it?

In our opinion, flexibility is not appropriate!

Therefore, like our other indicators, Quantum Trend Monitor can be configured to suit your trading style, and the benefits of this are obvious: greater stability and profit. Tools must comply with the work performed. For high-precision trade need specific tools and fine-tuning. No need to settle for second-rate products.

With indicator Quantum Trend Monitor control – in your hands. It’s like a volume control on the radio. You adjust the sensitivity of the indicator according to your preferences. Slightly increase the sensitivity, and the indicator will inform you about the phases of saturation, which is extremely important when scalping. Reducing the sensitivity, you get an indicator that will smooth out the phase and help you be kept in long-term trends in order to maximize profits.

This indicator works on all timeframes.

To enter the market is not difficult, but to keep it much more difficult. With indicator Quantum Trend Monitor and its unique yellow trend line to stay in the trend will be much easier!

Click here to learn how to configure the Quantum Trend Monitor indicator

Quantum Trend Monitor Indicator

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Green Rock

Green Rock

Deciding on the trade is accepted by Stochastic indicator readings over several periods.

The lot size is calculated as a percentage of the deposit.

You can independently adjust the multiplier factor and thus make more aggressive Advisor.

It works on both 4 and 5 marks.

Green Rock

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Ruble is growing due to rising price of oil and

The ruble is growing due to rising price of oil and demand for the cheapened risk

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The ruble increases in trading Monday due to demand for riskier assets, including commodities and EM currencies, and against the background of rising in price of oil on Friday, hoping for a capacity of OPEC and other producing countries to agree on production cuts.

On the side of the ruble begins today the tax period, and limiting the dynamics and activity holiday in the United States is a factor of market participants, Presidents’ Day, because of which also hold auctions in the pair dollar / ruble calculations "Today".

"Recovery of oil above $ 33 barrel of Brent will support the ruble in the beginning of the week. Today, States are not traded due to the holiday, so that the activity will be below average. Expectations of OPEC meeting, during which it is planned to discuss prospects of the commodity market, help market"- said Dmitry Savchenko bank Nordea.

K 13.51 MSK pair dollar / RUB exchange traded at near Moscow 77.40, 1.2 percent lower than the previous closing of the exchange.

Euro 13.51 to near the level of MSCs was 86.73 Ruble, 1.6 percent lower than the previous closing.

Brent barrel mark at this time was estimated at $ 33.57, 0.7 percent above the closing Friday, following which it rose nearly 11 percent, American variety WTI is estimated at $ 29.88, higher by 1.5 percent compared to the growth of a than 12 percent in the previous session.

Reuters analyst Wang Tao, starting from the technical analysis of the results suggested that Brent four weeks may be close to the mark of $ 42.11 per barrel.

According to him, this can happen if Brent held important resistance of $ 37.14, representing a 23.6 per cent of the traffic with a maximum of the last year at least $ 69.63 $ 27.10 last January, which, in turn, is located near the mark of $ 28 31, which is 86.4 percent of the oil from the minimum growth in December 1998 – $ 9.55 per barrel to a maximum of $ 147.50 in 2008, and serving a strong support.

Forex EUR / USD pair is now trading close to $ 1.12 and the dollar is going up half a percentage point, in turn, declining against the currencies of commodity and forex developing segments.

Raw materials, high-yielding currencies, stocks and the dollar recovered on Friday after last week’s losses, which took place the sale of risky assets amid concerns over global economic growth.

The peak of the Russian tax period falls on February 25, when completed, including, and the payment of the severance tax.

"In February, the volume of tax payments due to seasonality is at a minimum. We estimate a net outflow of ruble funds because of taxes from 15 to 29 February in the range of 200 billion rubles"- says Maria Pomelnikova from Raiffeisenbank.

On the side of the Russian currency in favor sparing schedule of repayments of external debt: February nominal amount of payments, together with interest – about $ 8.3 billion, according to statistics from the Bank of Russia. Market participants note in connection with this low level of currency purchases by corporations, which also added a drop of imports and low demand for foreign currency by the population.

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Breakout Ninja Price Action Breakout

Breakout Ninja Price Action Breakout

Instructions for use

  • Attach to any chart indicator.
  • Select the desired parameters in the “Inputs” in the pop-up display window.
  • Click “OK” to confirm and continue.


  • This indicator reveals breakdowns, using advanced detection strategy. It includes a variety of options, including “Show Arrows” ( “Show arrows”), “Show Max Profits” ( “Show the maximum profit”), “Show Analyzer” ( “Show analyzer”) and others. They can be useful when entering the transaction or when determining the gain or loss that could occur on the basis of previous melon, arrows and lines. In the “Input parameters” you can choose to send notifications, alerts, sounds and display on-screen comments.

Input parameters

  • Period – the period to check the price breakdown.
  • Maximum History Bars – the maximum number of bars in history to calculate and display the indicator.
  • Show Arrows – arrows show the purchase and sale when confirming the breakdown.
  • Show S / R – show the line of support / resistance at bars and confirmed areas.
  • Show Max Profits – to show the expected profit / loss orders placed in the breakdown.
  • Max Profit Text Size – size of the text projected profits.
  • Show Analyzer – Analyzer display window in the lower left corner of the chart. It displays a variety of information, such as breakdowns, false breakdowns, and so on.
  • Analyzer X-Offset – the distance from the analyzer window of the left edge of the graph.
  • Analyzer Y-Offset – the distance from the bottom of the analyzer window edge graphics.
  • Analyzer Text Size – size of the text in the analyzer window.
  • Colors – color indicator of various objects such as “Sell Signal” ( “signal for sale”), “Profit Pips” ( “Profit Pips”), etc.
  • Enable Pop-Up Alerts – a pop-up alert when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Email Alerts – sending messages to e-mail when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Push Notification Alerts – sending push-notification on your mobile device when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Sound Alerts – play sound alerts when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Sound Alert Name – the name of the sound file to play when a signal to buy or sell.
  • Enable Screen Comments – show screen comments in the upper left corner of the screen when it detects a signal to buy or sell.

Breakout Ninja Price Action Breakout


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EU Council lifted sanctions against Lukashenko

EU Council lifted sanctions against Lukashenko and Belarus

The EU lifted the sanctions against Belarus and the country’s president Alexander Lukashenko. On Monday, it became known at the end of the European Council meeting. In particular, it was decided not to extend the restrictions against 170 individuals and three companies.

This decision will come into force from the moment we publish them in the Official Journal of the EU on Tuesday, 16 February.

The lifting of sanctions will allow to defrost in European banking assets and lifting the ban on the entry of persons in the region who were on the sanctions list. However, the Council decided to leave the prohibited arms and special equipment to Belarus.

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Yen declined against background of oil markets

The yen declined against the background of oil markets and growth stocks

The yen gave extracted edge on Wednesday, as oil prices and equity markets have increased, reducing demand for safe Japanese currency.

Earlier, the yen strengthened against the background of falling Asian stock markets and oil prices. In addition, China has established a lower median rate of mainland renminbi, which put pressure on the riskier emerging market currencies and currencies tied to economic growth, such as the Australian dollar. [CNY /]

Dollar added to MSCs 16.53 0.1 percent to 114.23 yen, recovering from a low of 113.37 yen made morning.

"We expect that the dollar will trade at 112-114 yen, as the market is cautious about his move to 110 yen, as this may provoke talk of intervention by Japanese authorities"- said Yujiro Goto of Nomura.

Oil prices rose as efforts to freeze production levels and a decline in global glut in the market shifted to Iran after a poor response to the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia on Tuesday. This helped European stock markets, although risk appetite remains fragile amid fears of slowing global growth. [O / R]

The following month, the main focus for the pair USD / JPY – the possibility of the Bank’s new monetary stimulus measures in Japan, said Tan Teck Len at UBS in Singapore.

If the dollar will fall asleep at current levels against the yen at the time of the meeting on March 14-15, the regulator, the central bank may take new stimulus measures, Tan said.

The euro was down 0.14 percent to $ 1.1124.

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Order by limit

Order by limit (limit buy order).

Exposing the trading terminal traders new pending order to buy before you always question what type of order should I choose? – buy stop or limit buy.

Order by limit (limit buy order) – makes it possible to purchase the currency below current level of prices on Forex, ie nomination of the order at first glance does not look logical, but this action involves the use of special trade strategy which we will discuss below.

In order to place a pending order buy limit should make a few simple steps:

• Click on the tab “New Order” or F9 while running the trader’s terminal.

• Set the volume of trade, and choose the currency pair on which the transaction will take place.

• Type – expose “Pending Order”, then you will open the advanced menu in which you select by limit.

• Exercise price – this is the most interesting and unusual moment, there must be set the price lower for the current, otherwise the order will not be executed simply and you have denied fielding.

• Installation of stop orders – after issuing response rates, a mandatory install indicators warrant a stop loss and take profit. Ignoring orders usually leads to deposit drain.

At this stop loss is set below the trip level orders and take profit, respectively, above.

If you want to limit the effect of your order on time, as we expose the parameters of the indicator “expiration” date and time after which the order is a buy limit would cease to exist in case of non-fulfillment.
The strategy of using a pending order buy limit.

The basis of trading using by limit order is a trading strategy in the price channel, or correction, by which is meant a certain pattern of price movements. Which carries on its movement between the support and resistance lines, starting from one of them and making a U-turn in the opposite direction.

In our case, the main reference is the support line and a pending order should put it beside her, based on the reversal of the trend towards the growth rate of the currency pair in the forex.

The main rule of the use of this strategy is the existence of an uptrend, trading is carried out on the so-called kickbacks prices with operation of pending orders at the lowest points of the movement.

Bai limit allows you to take the maximum profit from the current trend of movement, it should be borne in mind that in the event of an error or a correct prediction, the operation may lead to losses.

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HighLow Scalper

HighLow Scalper

Advisor is the breakdown levels (support and resistance) the maximum price and the minimum for a certain period.

Expert works automatically by opening the 2 pending orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop.

Advisor is simple to set up. You can use the standard levels of stop loss and take profit or trailing stop.

In addition, you can customize your own timeframe to search for the breakdown level.

Settings are different for different currency pairs. If you purchased the product, please contact me and I will provide specific settings for your pair.

The default settings are only for EURUSD.

For more information, check out the screenshots and test expert on history.


  • Broker with 4- and 5-digit quotes
  • Minimum Leverage: 1: 300
  • Recommended for ECN-accounts with low spread for short-term trading
  • Fast Internet connection

Input parameters

  • Name – the name that is displayed in the comment to the order.
  • MagicNumber – the magic number that differs from the magic number of advisers working in parallel.
  • TakeProfit – the distance to the level of take profit in pips.
  • StopLoss – distance to the stop-loss level in pips.
  • Silppage – allowable slippage.
  • FixedLots – lot size. Used when parameter UseMM (money management) is set to false.
  • Risk – the risk as a percentage of the account balance.
  • UseMM – automatic management of mania.
  • TFReference – timeframe for finding information about breakdowns, specify 30 for M30, 60 for H1, 240 H4, 1440 the D1, 10080 for W1.
  • MinDistance – the minimum distance from the current price for opening an order.
  • UseTrailling – set to true to use a trailing stop.
  • TraillingStart – distance arrive at the point to start trailing.
  • StepTraillng – the distance from the current price to the level of stop-loss.
  • StartHour – hour start trading.
  • EndHour – hour of trading end.
  • TradingOnMonday – for trading on Monday, set to true.
  • TradingOnTuesday – for trading on Tuesday, set to true.
  • TradingOnWednesday – for trading on Wednesday, set to true.
  • TradingOnThursday – for trading on Thursday set to true.
  • TradingOnFriday – for trading on Friday set to true.


If you need support, help, or have any other questions, please send a private message.

HighLow Scalper

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Mission Complete Demo MT5

Mission Complete Demo MT5

Mission Complete Demo It is a unique solution for monitoring, managing and analyzing transactions.

At this point it includes two separate products:

Mission Control and Mission Analyse and has a functionality of both.

This is a demo version. It works only with the following currency pairs: NZDUSD, USDCHF, AUDCAD, EURCHF, NZDCAD.

You can purchase the full version which does not contain any restrictions.

The product does not require complicated installation and configuration. Immediately ready for use.

I have an opportunity tune the color and the font panel. You can change the size and the display order of the columns. Information that may not need to be hidden.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish

The product is in constant development. Any comments and suggestions may be sent by e-mail: wahoo.mql@gmail.com

Mission Complete Demo MT5


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RSI indicator allows to draw from all three in a single selected currency indicator. Moreover, it allows to build a moving average RSI combination in the same display.

For three currency indicator is better to choose a pair of associated, for example:

1. EUR / USD = EUR / GBP x GBP / USD

2. EUR / JPY = EUR / USD x USD / JPY

The indicator shows the strength of the movement of the three currencies in a single interconnected unit.

This has the advantage in trade.


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  • Dynamic RSI Pointer

    Dynamic RSI Pointer Dynamic RSI Pointer designed Pointer Productions Pledge of effective work in the market – it is a competent combination of the best…

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