What you need to know to trade Forex

What you need to know to trade Forex?

What you need to know to trade Forex?

Why do people Torrguyut in the financial markets? This question is interested in anyone who’s ever heard of Forex, CFD contracts and other financial instruments. But few know what is meant by these concepts are and how you can earn on them.

Forex for beginners:

Usually this area is considered to themselves people who want to make a difference. Most of all – it is those who are tired of routine work, from which they have not received the expected profit; students who want to be realized; housewives, and – those who have managed to succeed in their field, but wants to earn extra income with the ability to become an investor and be a member of the world trading.

This activity is now available to everyone thanks to the development of information technology. Now it is enough to have a computer with an internet connection and a small start-up capital – and you can start making, not even leaving home.

Many are looking for a “Holy Grail”, by studying many indicators, “Forex”, developing new and new strategies for profitable trade on Forex. This area of ​​activity is also attractive because it is a great opportunity to make money interesting intellectual work. In this business, you are using all the reserves and possibilities of your brain, causing a turn and analytics, and a competent financier and speculator. But why must first start and in which direction to move on?

Of course, you can believe the advertising on billboards, the media, the Internet, social networks, which states that make it easy and simple. You just have to go month course of study, and you will receive a lot of money, sitting before a computer. And you can be proud to leave to the “slave” of the work by sending “uncle-chief” as far as possible – so far as it allows your vocabulary. But is it really?

Yes, many do today – trying to start a new life, following the lead of advertising (when the same people are already no longer be carried out on all that they impose?) But if everything is so simple, then why is not everyone doing it? Really it is not so great as it said advertising? What stops people and what are the pitfalls in these appeals advertising?

And here’s the thing – to earn in the financial markets, in addition to the knowledge, skills and experience (which is acquired over the years), still needs to choose a reliable forex-broker (ECN Broker, STP brokers) in whose interest would be your earnings. Advertising says about this? No. All you can advise – it is guided by the “independent rating of Forex brokers.” At each site he own, depending on what kind of ratings disburse dillingovye centers. The courses, trainings and seminars to you no one will talk about how not to get on the fraudsters. There are statistics, which gives us the following figures: 9 out of 10 beginners throughout the year lose their money and forget about this way of earnings as a nightmare. Speaking afterwards, that this whole business – a complete scam, fraud and simply banal fiction. What is the cause of such statistics? Why do people lose their money? The reason is that a promising advertising does not correspond to reality. You promised the opportunity for six months to earn money for a car, but in the end – in the past month you have lost entire deposit. And who is ultimately to blame? Dealing centers, creating advertising and inspiring person confidence, that he – the same 1 out of 10, which is waiting for the “golden mountains” in the Forex market? In part, yes – but no less fault lies with the one who used to believe everything you read. In this era of information technology people sometimes disable a function of the brain as “think”, and even a primitive mental processes. It sounds cruel, but it is. People have forgotten how to filter …
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