Multifunctional trade panel. It contains several panels.

  1. Panel “Volume calculator” allows you to calculate the lot size for a given currency pair according to a fixed percentage risk of the deposit and the size of the stop-loss points. The size of the stop-loss should be greater than zero, otherwise the risk tends to infinity and abnormally calculator.
  2. Panel “Trade panel” is intended for commercial operations, such as opening the market position, setting pending orders, pending orders the removal and closing of all positions. All trading operations are carried out not only on the current symbol, to which a panel, but also the symbol specified in the combo box, the currency pairs that are in the “Market Watch” window. If this list you can not find some kind of a currency pair, simply add it to the “Market Watch” window. Also, the panel is capable of independently calculate the amount of the order according to a predetermined size and risk stop loss. Attention! This feature requires a mandatory indication of the size of the stop-loss is greater than zero.
  3. Panel “Pair Trading Panel” is used for the pair trade. This panel allows you to simultaneously (one click) to perform two operations at once – the sale and purchase of tools, selected in the settings. Also at the touch of a button, you can close an open position or to close them at the given profit in the deposit currency. Which pair of tools will be closed, the settings set by specifying the magic number (Magik Number).
  4. Panel “Information panel” displays the information on all open positions and pending orders, in particular, the current floating profit / loss and the potential profit and loss (depending on the size of the stop-loss and take-profit).

Selection panel that is currently visible on the graph is carried out in the multifunctional panel configuration parameters. This panel has many more opportunities to expand their functional, stay tuned versions.


  • Volume – the amount of the default;
  • The percentage of risk – percentage of the risk of default of the deposit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss by default;
  • Take Profit – Take Profit default;
  • Mode – select which panel is visible at the moment on the graph;
  • magik Number – magic number.


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