Trading Chaos Expert

Trading Chaos Expert

This software is not
It is unique in the world because it is a universal “remote control
management “trading operations from the receipt of trading signals,
automation enter the position, set the stop-loss and take-profit and
as trailing earnings at the same time for a variety of transactions in one
open window. Intuitive management experts in “three clicks” on
screen allows you to take full advantage of all its functions to
various kinds of computers, including tablet.

expert interaction with
additional signal indicators that mark graph
showing real market trader card, allow to make the right
choice and in most cases, to be on the winning side. built-in
money management algorithm, automatically determine the size of the lots,
virtual trade orders, a number of other options from the discharge
“Know-how” will help the trader to be saved from the destruction of the trading account. it
not a “black box.” This is a deeply thoughtful assistant trader, without
which is difficult to do, try it at least one functionality

Experts in the form of panels in the strategy tester can not test! For
To test panel in real mode, you need to download
free demo version of this panel Trading Chaos Expert Demo.

created in the form of a panel with built-in functions of a trading robot,
automates the entrances to the position on the audited “by eye” trader
 trading signals in line with the strategies of Bill Williams
“Trading Chaos second edition” and “New Trading Dimensions”.
Advisor determines the direction of price impulses, which can
trade in fully automatic mode, as on the specific instrument and
the selected time frame in a separate window, and in many instruments
at the same time.

Expert analyzes all trading tools displayed in
“Market Watch” MetaTrader 5 interface, at the same time. open positions and parameters
Pending orders are stored in the RAM. when overloading
MetaTrader 5 software and reconnecting adviser completely
restores the logic of their actions, and the trader’s orders
He continues to manage open positions.

It consists of two interconnected panels. “Signal panel”
displayed directly on the chart. The main tasks of the signal
panel are:

  • Analysis
    reading lights and configuration bars (candles) at the selected time
    frame and removal of trade signals in the signal table.
  • Selection trade signals display mode signal grouping by type.
  • Selecting the time frame for trading signals and doing business.
  • Opening (closing) “Trade panel.”
  • Opening schedule at the right time frame for the necessary tools directly in a single window.

Expert recognizes the following basic trade signals on Strategies and mark them for the alarm panel as follows:

  1. Numeral
    1 – signal “First Sage”, bovine (bearish) divergent bar (BDB) from
    angulation, including the “crouching” SQUAT bars. For the first time in the world succeeded
    formalize and program the concept of triangulation in MT5. Search
    topping bars has robust algorithms. You always get a signal
    emerging SQUAT-bar with signs of topping, since 85%
    cases, these bars can expand the market. But not everyone SQUAT-bar
    It is a turn. It laid the measurement function. Special
    a strong reversal signal appears in the divergence zone indicator AO
    you’ll also see in the panel.
  2. Number 2 – signal “Second Sage”. Signal “Blue Light Special” (Blue Light Special) – improved “Second Sage”.
  3. Numeral
    3 – signal “Third Wise Man” – the formation and breakdown of “significant”
    fractal. Expert identifies important fractals is the mouth of the indicator
    Alligator in three distinct and robust algorithms. Breakdown taken fractal
    considered the beginning of directional impulse wave.
  4. Wave – signal histogram divergence indicator Awesome Oscillator
  5. Infinity – “Saucer” Signals on
    Sale and purchase. This signal indicates the transition currency
    a pair of directional motion after the correction period presumably
    third wave or wave C.
  6. Cross – Signal
    intersection histogram indicator Awesome Oscillator through the line
    zero. Superior signal of the intersection – “Blue Light Special”
    (Blue Light Special).
  7. Yellow and gold
    Crosses in the signal table start mark signal trends (TSS).
    Trends start signal is provided when starting to open the jaws
    Alligator indicator. Those. increasing the distance between the red and
    blue indicator lines after interlacing. It occurs upper growth
    Gator Oscillator histogram indicator after occurrence period or
    changes color from red to green. This signal is amplified by others
    Trading Signals Strategy, both on the underlying trend, and in
    opposite direction.
  8. “Star” sample-period 20 Donchian channel. (Price Chennal). The indicator is applied to the period of the expert MultiRange_PCH 20. This indicator is complimentary. Download it to disk,
    copy to the clipboard, then go to the MT5 terminal, click “File” –
    “Open Data Catalog” – “MQL5” – “Indicators” and save this
    indicator folder from the clipboard. After overload MT5 it appears in
    the list of available indicators in the “Navigator” program. Connect
    to the chart indicator. Thus you will observe the breakdown signal
    20-period channel, which indicates a possible breakdown
    to the flat band and the output of the currency pair in the direction of travel –
  9. “Hand” – when you click on the symbol
    the trader has the ability to manually place a pending virtual
    stop order, set the virtual stop-loss and take-profit or open
    position “in the market” at any time, without being attached to any signal.
    At the same time receive expert support in the further part of the trailing
    arrived. If the position is open, you can click on the “hand” icon, you can
    modify the stop loss, take profit, as well as a method of trailing earnings.
  10. backlight
    time frame – a special signal indicating whether the trends in the market
    pulse. Formation of special drawing area at which to
    take any trading signals for entry strategy in the market
    the direction of price movement in a particular time frame. setup signal
    It is as follows. Price breaks and closes above 20
    periodnaya channel. Indicator Awesome Oscillator crosses the line
    zero in the direction of the breakdown. Generated fractal outside the Alligator’s mouth. After
    Education fractal FF button is highlighted with the corresponding color.
    When you press the FF button to open the trading panel, which allows
    automated entry into the market as claimed in the first performance signal
    pulse side. Trader to do is press the “Apply” button.
    Especially good signals in these areas are input on signal
    “Saucer”. Those. presumably exit price in a third wave or wave C
    After clicking the “Apply” button icon time frame encircled frame that
    It indicates that the adviser is ready to enter the market on trading

Different colors
pointers, marking signals to determine whether they formed
signal, or it is just being formed. Light colors icons indicate future
signal on an uncapped period. Darker tones indicate
the generated signals to close. Badges with pouring suggest
that at the moment there is a breakdown of the signal level. after logging
to the position of the currency pair in the signal name table changes color.
If the pair is sold, the name is red, if
bought and green.

preliminary reflection signals allows the trader to give the time to visually “by eye” view the signal for its complete
compliance strategy. Check this signal fits into the picture
Market on older period. Calculate the target based on the wavelengths. And
advance place a pending virtual stop order entry and
stop-loss expert resources by clicking on the Apply button. If
pre-alarm will not take place in a closed period, the expert
self-cancel signal for tracking and will not enter the market.

Cancellation signal tracking

This feature saves the trader from entering the market for past due, canceled or actual trading signals.

fractals located outside Alligator mouth, cancellation after
double closing price below (above) the red line Alligator. signals
breakdown channel are canceled after the transition through the zero histogram AB
line in the opposite direction from the direction of the breakdown. Signals “Saucer” after
changes color histogram AO and absence of breakdown of the signal level
Entrance into position. Signals “Blue Light Special” canceled after
changes color histogram AO on the opposite of the closing without breakdown
signal level. Signals “divergent bars” and divergence signals
canceled if the following after the formation of a bar does not break
signal level. This is justified by the fact that if a strong signal,
market, for sure, he will see and will not wait for the breakdown of the signal
the level of a few periods.

Modes alarm panel

panel has nine main modes which are grouped trading
signals on their identity. The user has the possibility to
sort the signals “First Sage,” Sage and second signals
“Special Blue Light” Fractal signals, breakdown 20
-period channel signals TSS (the Alligator mouth opening). Mode,
which shows without exception, trading signals for all trading
instruments from the “Market Watch”, called “All Symbols”.

Mode “General
mode “is selected by default. When you connect it to the chart expert
This mode starts the analysis of trading signals for points search
entry into the market. In addition, it, at the top of the signal table,
displaying trading tools from open positions for ease of
support. After entering the position in this mode, the start display
not only signals to enter the market, but also secondary, including
contrary to the current market movement. For example, if you bought
the pair to breakdown of the fractal level, and the next day the adviser shows the bearish divergence signal, warning that
possible market turn against your position.

additional hidden
It is called “candidate”. This mode allows the entire list of
currency pairs to identify those who have the potential, but so far have not
trading signal. To do this, double-click on the name
trading tool. Icon encircled purple frame and the pair
begins to appear in the top tool in the signal list
panel under steam to an open position. framework is also needed to relieve
double-click on it.

Mode “Current Chart” invented for trade
an expert on a particular currency pair with the selected time frame in
a separate window. This mode automatically adjusts the adviser to the
the required time frame and determines whether the trading signals on it.
Wherein the switching time frames is performed not by the icons in
signaling panels, and means the interface MetaTrader 5.


By default, the adviser can work in the following time frames:

D1, H4, H1, M30, M15, M5, W1, MN1

the list set daily time frame. When you connect to an expert
The default graphics trader receives signals on this band,
because it is basic and less risky. Besides,
Using AutoFormat indicator function, the trader has the option to expand the wave range on day
half wave smaller frame for the correct calculation of the wave markup
condition for the mandatory presence of the chart is not less than 140 bars. And it is to
connect it to the advisor razhime Current Chart in a separate window.
Expert adaptation function has to search signals in any time frame.
For example, if you open a 10 minute range and you want to see
signals and trade on it, then this in the alarm panel
you need to select the mode Current Chart.

expert settings trader has the ability to specify other lyuby
he needed parameters, observing the TF transfer rules in the desired row
Expert settings.

The functions of the trade panel

“Trading the panel” opens (closes) after clicking on the icon
signal or icon shopping time frame of the selected instrument.

Trade panel has three options for entering the position:

  • Pending
    – an input at a penetration of said Bid price level (default
    substituted High / Low level signal bar +/- DefaultLuft =
    spread). Tracking breakdown level starts after the formation of
  • Market – entry at the current price. Works for all, including uncommitted, signals.
  • Autoactivation – avtoaktivatsii signals in the selected direction by the trader or automatically in the direction of price momentum.

The size
lot – from the automatic calculation of the daily, weekly and monthly
Ranges 2% of the balance of the trading account for ranges below the day –
0.2%. The trader may, in the expert settings to set other desired him

Three possible settings for the stop-loss:

  • On the latter the opposite fractal (- / + DefaultLuft points);
  • On the last extremum of 3 bars (- / + DefaultLuft points);
  • At the indicated level.

Three options take profit:

  • Manual;
  • Since the coefficient to the stop-loss. For example, if to stop loss from the entry point
    100 points to position and apply a factor of 2, the examiner installs
    It aims to take profit of 200 points.
  • AB = CD.
    This parameter is automatically applied to the inputs on the breakdown of fractals.
    It means that to take profit from the entry point interval is equal to the length
    previous wave.

Three variants of a trailing stop:

  • By Low / High profitable each bar (- / + DefaultLuft spread points);
  • Disposable transfer stop loss to breakeven under indoor bar (- / + DefaultLuft spread points);
  • Protecting profits below (above) the bar closed at the mouth of the Alligator (- / + DefaultLuft spread points);

panel has several options for installing the stop-loss and trailing
profit, expert automatically selects the most suitable option for
specific transaction and begins to function after pressing
trader “Apply” button. In order to cancel the work of an expert,
simply press the Reset button. After clicking the “Apply” button on the chart
there are lines that indicate the trader at the levels of entry into the position,
stop-loss and take-profit on it. It is possible the cursor
mouse move stop-loss and take profit to levels more
appropriate, in your opinion, for this particular transaction.

It is also possible
control these levels after entering the position. The expert
regards the level of the movement as a transaction management to manual
mode and stop loss goes into the execution not to close, but in touch
level, protecting the profit on the right, the selected level of trader.

Auto-activation in the trading panel signals

there is
option to enable the automatic activation signal in a certain
direction (Buy or Sell) for each chart. For this
click on the TF switch button. It appears normal trading panel, but
header instead of the signal name will be written “AutoActivation”.
The choice of the direction of trade is done by pressing the inscription
“AutoActivation”. It changes color with every click: Green – for
buy signals, the red – for a sell, black – with off activation.
After selecting destinations, you need to configure all the parameters, it is with them
position on one of the activated signals will be opened. Not necessary
only configure:

  • entrance fee (it will be calculated automatically as the price listed is in any case out of date);
  • SL level (unless you select “Manual SL”).

parameters must be specified, it will be activated with them
appearing signals. In addition to the parameters of the position, you can adjust the time
expiration function of auto-activation:

specify a time earlier than the current, time will be set tomorrow
(For example, if it is 14:20 and stated expiration at 13:00, the function
Auto-Activation is turned off tomorrow at 13:00). The time is indicated
server (which can be seen on the chart in the “Market Watch”). after clicking
to Apply, button FF corresponding encircled in green or red
frame, and auto-activation starts. When any signal
specified direction, it is immediately activated with the configuration
were specified when the auto-activation. This is equivalent to the inclusion
signal with such settings trader.

Any number of signals in one direction can be activated.
Opposite signals are ignored (including the manual
turned on). If it is time to expiration, the function auto-activation
off. If there is activated it signals that they have not
disabled, ie continue to wait or cancel the operation in its
the usual rules.

It triggered on any of signals TF and this symbol in a direction
coinciding with the direction of the function of auto-activation function is deactivated
immediately at the opening position. At the same time disables all
codirectional activated signals on this symbol and TF. Those. if
Waiting is a buy, and any of the signals a trade is a buy,
Auto-activation feature stops working, the others buy signals (if
there are) canceled. Position while living by their own rules.

Auto-activation in the direction of the momentum of price

function is provided for in the position of entry into the fast automation
price pulses periods in the direction of price movement. panel determines
pulse illuminates half frame color and direction of price movement
Auto automatically chooses the direction of activation in the trade panel.
The trader is to click the Apply button. Advisor to enter the market
The first performance signal in the pulse side, putting stop loss
at the opposite fractal, and trawl gains on your chosen
option. Cancellation signals for tracking occurs after the transition
histogram across the line of zero, indicating that the cancellation or
weakening pulse.

Innovation expert options

Advisor has a number of innovations, which are incorporated in the additional options.

  1. As stated earlier, pending orders and stop losses are
    virtual. This eliminates the unjustified entry into trouble
    the market for the expansion of the spread broker. For example, an expert will go into buying
    Only in the event that the Bid price exceeds the value of the spread
    signal level. Stop-loss is also not respond to a puncture and work
    Only after the closure rates below (above) a predetermined level plus (minus)
    play an equal spread on the currency pair.
  2. The option “if the case is not accidental.” Advisor continues to monitor
    signal with a puncture entry level to a predetermined value spread.
  3. Option move stop-loss level and take profit arm. For
    to set a new stop-loss level, the cursor mouse click is enough
    the square displayed on the line and drag the line to the right place. at
    This will automatically set a trailing profit disabled. adviser
    sees these actions as a transaction transfer to manual control
    (Support). Disables trailing earnings. Stop working for trade
    the touch, but not to close as the default setting.
  4. The panel has a signaling unit. A trader can make the required notification methods on the occurrence of trading signals.
  5. The expert has controlled money management unit. Default
    set risk 2% of the amount of deposit balances. Besides,
    expert refuses to open new positions, if the rest of
    free margin of the account is less than 100%. Trader spared
    the need to choose the necessary items for the position, taking into account
    risk value of one pip of price movement in the deposit currency for
    particular instrument.

Preparing platform MetaTrader 5 to work

Advisor automatically loads the first connection to all available
server quotations history. With a large number of trading instruments,
displayed in “Market Watch”, it may take a few minutes. For
accelerating the loading process must be in the terminal settings press
key (Ctrl + O) and in the “charts” set a reasonable value
parameter “Max bars in the window.” Note that each used
tools and time-consuming frame memory. every imposed
on a graph indicator will still consume several times more memory.

When you switch between graphs, MetaTrader 5 does not release the resources. it
It made for a rapid return to the data used previously. Therefore, when
I work with a lot of tools, time frames and indicators
terminal may slow down. If you are using a time-frame of D1 and above,
more than 5000 bars, you do not need. Set this value to
settings and restart the terminal. In the “experts” in the window
“Enable automated trading” should tick. Besides,
MetaTrader 5 is recommended to configure the mail service. Then you will receive
trading signals on their email in real-time from
Expert installed on a dedicated server. You need to log in to
Community MQL5, then you will have the opportunity to receive free of charge
software updates directly to the terminal 5 MetaTrader.

Preparation schedule to connect expert

Expert connection must be properly prepared
schedule. Create a template called default. To connect and keep in
it appropriate indicators. Namely:

  • Trading Chaos Chart
  • Modified Awesome Oscillator
  • Modified Accelerator Oscillator
  • Spread and swap monitor
  • AutoFormat

As well as the indicators presented in the MetaTrader 5 platform by default:

  • gator Oscillator
  • Market Facilitation Index (MFI)

LEDs are built in strict accordance with the recommendations of B. Williams.
Marking trading signals synchronized with the signal indications
panel. The indicators are not supplied Trading Chaos Expert. They must be purchased separately. With a view to cost savings can be
use the built-in the MetaTrader 5 Indicators Alligator, Fractals, Awesome
Oscillator, which do not have a function marking the trading signals. at
It should be borne in mind that the perceptual quality trade signal
It will be significantly lower. Also, do not store the template
panel. It is better to use the “hot keys” to call an expert to
schedule. For example, assign CTRL + 1.


successful download history on all the tools and time
Table signal frames appears at the day time frame (D1).
Current symbol displayed on the chart, and the chart period marked more
dark background. By clicking on the name of TF (in front of any character)
switches to the desired schedule in the current window. When you click on
icon of any of the signals offers additional business panel
from which you are trading and position management. enter the desired
parameters and click Apply ( “Apply”) – all settings are saved and
recover when restarted adviser terminal or computer, and
signal will be circled frame. Levels of entry and stop-loss will be
marked lines.

preserve signal by pressing the Apply parameters, you can continue to
include the following. Pressing the Reset button resets all settings
The default values. Commercial alarm deactivated. to turn
trade parameters need to adjust again and click Apply, the signal will be
encircled and begin tracking advisor. Similarly, you need to configure
all other signals, which is planned to enter the market. After that
Trade panel window can be hidden by clicking on the cross or any
an inactive signal. Tracking signals it is not stopped,
Advisor monitors all inputs activated and responds to
change in the market.

trading process using Expert

defines a trading signal for Strategy and displays it in a table
part. For inspection signal must click on the icon half frame, on
which displays the signal. The graph will move to the desired time frame with the
a set of indicators that you saved for the template. If you
additionally bought a full set of indicators for Strategy and preserved in
template, modified indicators show the signal on the chart.

are preliminary, not formed on the candle, and formed,
confirmed the closure period. The function of preliminary signals
It is provided for the preparation of the trader to the signal. If the preliminary
signal like a trader, he can activate the counselor immediately to
the subject of trade on the signal. To do this, click on the icon
signal and in the trade panel, press “Apply” button. icon will be
frame around. If the frame is red, it means that the received signals
for sale, if a green frame – on a purchase.

this moment Advisor will monitor this signal. And if the signal
formed, the expert will expose a virtual pending order and
stop loss of this signal. After placing pending orders
graphics appear dashed lines that indicate the input levels
position, the stop-loss and take-profit. Counselor will enter the market at the break of
signal level. After entering the market in the name of the instrument
the table is highlighted. If the color is green, it means that
Buy position if the red – for sale.

the trading signal is canceled, the adviser to cancel its tracking of the
signal and will not enter the market. When this icon frame with the signal
“I go out.” A trader can cancel the input by pressing the Reset button. Therefore
, the trader has the ability in a single window to receive all key
signals and automated trading through them. In addition, excluded
Log danger on the market canceled signal.

during trade trader has the ability to add (to increase)
positions in the trading signals in the direction of an open position or
unfold on opposite signals. Maintain automatic
trading across multiple monetary instruments at the same time without opening
with the additional windows with the charts. This achieves a significant
hedging risks in trading.


with my software recommended to have
a high-performance personal computer for
Market analysis. To conduct trading operations is recommended to have
high (at least 1 GB of RAM) Dedicated server VPS-c
good communication channel.

A warning

product belongs to the category of complex, but does not require any
additional settings. It is fully ready for operation. For
effective use of expert and obtain positive sales
Results of you need good knowledge and a thorough understanding of
Trading Strategies Bill and Dzhastin Vilyams “Trading Chaos” and “New
Trading Dimensions “.

potential problems

protsese operating panel was not observed any abnormalities and
lags. However, due to the properties of video memory after removal expert with
graph on the chart are its signals. Clear the old signals and
characters in two ways:

  1. Load the template Default, which includes only indicators.
  2. By right-clicking on the chart, and then “List of Objects”, select
    “All”, press CTRL + A (select all objects) and then click on
    “Delete” button.

You have questions about the work of an expert, get answers to them can be
the “Tools”, select the “experts” or “History”. All
history of the expert’s work is preserved every day in the Logs folder files
situated C: \ Program Files \ MetaTrader 5 \ MQL5 \ Logs

happy to answer all your questions. Free help to install
you have purchased products on your computers remotely by using the program
TeamViewer. But before you ask them or ask for help,
I urge you to carefully read the product description,
Trade test panel in demo mode for a demo account, rather than in
Strategy Tester, find more information on my website. The site has a transfer function of the text into different languages.

Good luck!

Trading Chaos Expert


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