Tick ​​Chart

Tick ​​Chart

As is known, MT4 and MT5 are not stored tick history, which is necessary for the development of trading strategies and market analysis. For myself, I have developed a method that allows very easy to tick history. Indicator collects tick history in real time and stores it in a file XXXXXX2.hst where XXXXXX – the name of the tool. From this file, you can build your offline schedule, and you can do with it whatever you want. If you have a trading robot is running, this indicator, you can always control your broker to see what was the spread and as a broker quotes delivered to you. Absolutely all price movements will be recorded in history, and if you have any doubts about the operation of the stop-loss, you can just look at the tick chart. You might want to sell a tick history to other traders, collected using this indicator.

The indicator records the BID and ASK-price. On the candlestick charts, it looks like:

  • open = Ask;
  • high = Ask;
  • close = Bid;
  • low = Bid.

If you put a line graph, the display will only price BID.

History can be copied to any terminal. The history is stored in the terminal directory corresponding to your broker and trading account \ history \ Broker-ECN-Demo.

I developed this indicator for other purposes. From tick charts, using a script Operational TimeFrame, I build custom graphics Time Frame. It’s Time Frame after a specified number of ticks, or after a certain number of points. That is, the bar does not close the passage of time, and after the accumulated number of points N, traveled price, or tick, depending on what I want to get. The result is not a temporary sampling and operating. Such graphs are much more convenient for the analysis, and they are much better recognized laws, including fractal. I think these charts, “right”, because they reflect the essence of the processes occurring in the market.

Tick ​​Chart

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