Robo T

robo T

Advisor Robo T – it bezyndikatornaya trading system.

Description advisor settings:

  • Level_ord – the distance from the current price to be placed starting
    pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop, default 22.
  • Lot_1 – Initial Offer to Purchase Series, default 0.1.
  • Lot_2 – Initial auction sales series, default 0.1.
  • TakeProfitprofit level, the default is 30.
  • TSProfitOnly – Thrall only profit. When disconnecting the trailing will occur in the negative zone and finding stop loss. Default true.
  • TStop.Buy – trailing point size for shopping, the default 13.
  • TStop.Sell – the size of the trailing in the items for sale, the default 13.
  • TrailingStep – Trailing step in paragraphs 2 default.
  • level_1 – distance drawdown for issuing orders averaging, the default 40.
  • level_2 – the distance from the current price to be placed averaging deferred
    orders, the default 15.
  • koef_lot_1 – multiplier
    lot for averaging orders, default 1.5.
  • Lot_Digits – the number of digits after the decimal point in the lot size. If the minimum lot = 0.1, then Lot_Digits = 1, with a minimum lot = 0.01 Lot_Digits = 2. Default 1.
  • koef_price – the progression rate of the distance between Averaging orders, default 1.2.
  • Pips_Profitprofit in points at the exit of the averaging, the default is 10.
  • Slippage – slippage, the default is 30.
  • MagicNumber_1 – magic number series
    buy orders, the default 2808.
  • MagicNumber_2 – magic number series
    sell orders, the default 7959.

Robo T


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