Hunter PA

Hunter PA

Hunter PA – Universal Advisor trading patterns of Price Action on any time frame and on any instrument. The counselor realized three trading strategies: pinbar, indoor bar, outdoor bar. Advisor recommended on several trading tools in order to achieve the best results and risk diversification.

For each currency pair / index requires initial optimization expert parameters further optimization is required, the EA will operate normally.

Recommended timeframe – D1. All settings are made just for this period, but you can customize adviser under any other.

Advisor does not use martingale or any other risky strategy. All risks are only limited by stop-loss.


  • lot – fixed lot, if not included risk_lot_sl.
  • risk_lot_sl -% risk per trade, depending on the size of the stop-loss. When 0 is used by fixed lot lot.

For each strategy, it is necessary to use different magic.

settings Pinbar

  • use_pinbar – If true, the adviser uses Pinbar trading strategy.
  • min_size_pin the minimum size of the signal candle in the points at which the opening of the transaction (the same for the other patterns).
  • multi_signal_pin at true EA will deal on all signals of the pattern (similar to other patterns).
  • del_old_signal_pin – Advisor will delete old pending orders at the new signal on the transaction (similar to other patterns).
  • koef_shadow_body – pattern adjustment, the number of times the nose pinbara longer the candle body.
  • koef_max_prevĀ – Set the pattern. What part of the signal candle extends beyond the previous candlestick (for example, 50% pinbara size extends beyond the previous candle, koef_max_prev = 0,5).
  • koef_shadow_sizeĀ – Set the pattern. nose size in% in relation to the rest of the candles.

The above three settings should be left unchanged, it is the most optimal parameters for determining pinbara.

  • indent_hi_lo – indent from the signal candle in points to set the pending orders (similarly for the other patterns).
  • fixed_sl_pin – when true Advisor sets the fixed stop-loss, or – for the minimum / maximum signal candle (similarly for the other patterns).
  • sl_pin – Fixed stop-loss points (similar to other patterns).
  • fixed_tp_pin – when true Adviser establishes a fixed take-profit (and similarly for the other patterns).
  • tp_pin – Fixed stop-loss points (similar to other patterns).
  • start_be_pin – translate the order into the black when reaching a predetermined level in points. When 0 breakeven is not used (and similarly for the other patterns).
  • lvl_be_pin – how many points translate to breakeven.
  • use_trailing_pin – when true use trailing stop orders to accompany (and similarly for the other patterns).
  • tral_type_pin – trailing type, if enabled.
    1. simple trailing at a predetermined distance tral_start_pin.
    2. trailing at a distance tral_barshift_pin candles on your timeframe.
  • tral_every_tick_pin – when true move the trailing stop every tick differently – each time period tral_freq_pin (Similarly for the other patterns).

settings InsideBar (inside bar)

  • use_inside – when true used trading strategy inner bar.
  • max_size_inside – the maximum size of the signal candle points to reduce the risk of the entrance to the huge candle light (the same setting for OutsideBar).

All other settings are identical to Pinbar strategy.

adjustment OutsideBar (outer bar)

  • use_outside – when true trading strategy is used outside a bar.

All other settings are identical to Pinbar strategies and inside bar.

Configuration files can be downloaded in the “Discussion”. They will be added as they become available.

Hunter PA

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