HotKeys MT4

HotKeys MT4

Utility for manual trading using “hot keys”. It allows you to instantly respond to the current market situation. “Shortcuts” can be assigned to the opening position by type, closing of positions by type or all items on the current schedule, the removal of all orders on the current chart. “Shortcuts” can also be set at five predefined trading volume and switch between them depending on the situation without the need to periodically change the volume manually. It is also possible to set automatic calculation of trading volume as a percentage of available funds.


  • It works on any type of account with any broker.
  • Easy, intuitive interface.
  • It can be moved around the workspace and arrange in any convenient location.
  • When restarting stores its location entered parameters.
  • It consumes minimal PC resources.
  • “Shortcuts” – You can assign any keyboard shortcuts for opening / closing a position / positions, except those that are predefined in the terminal.
  • Instant reaction to the program by pressing a “hot key”

Working with utility

  • Main window – It has two input fields into which you can enter the values ​​manually after a mouse click on the desired field. One field displays the current size of the lot, which will be opened by pressing the appropriate “hot keys”. The second field displays the percentage entered the automatic calculation of the trading volume of available funds or zero, in which case the sale will be carried out by static trading volume.
  • Preferences window – You can enter a combination of two keys CTRL + any key, SHIFT + any key or single key. To input the hotkey, click on the desired field, and then will be prompted to “Press Key” (the program waits for pressing the desired key), after entering click the mouse anywhere on the current chart. To remove unnecessary longer combination, click on the entry field of “hot keys”. The field is cleared. Now click on any empty space on the current chart.

Attention: The panel does not work in the strategy tester, due to technical limitations!

An evaluation version can be downloaded here.

If you need more commercial functions, you might be interested in trading utility FastTrade, also has “Hot Keys”.

HotKeys MT4

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