Breakdown of Flat

Breakdown of the Flat

Breakdown of the Flat – Advisor “Break the flat” is based on the breakdown of levels (minimum and maximum) for a given period. Powered deferred stop.

Also, the robot shows good results on vysokovolatilnyh news that define the short-term (mid-term) trend direction.


trader level: novice trader, an experienced trader.

Leverage: 1: 100 and higher.

Minimum deposit: $ 10 (1000 cents) for cent accounts and $ 1000 for dollar bills.

Robot can restart during the day, if the first pending orders were exhibited that day.

Settings and input parameters

Default EA is set up to trade the EURUSD H1 for four-quotes. For the five-digit necessary to trade input parameters (3, 4, 6, 10 and 11) multiplied by 10.

—– Main settings —–

  • Lot – initial lot for stop orders
  • DigitsLot (Decimal places) – rounding of the lot
  • TakeProfit (0 – without the TP) – Take Profit (in points)
  • StopLoss (0 – no SL) – the stop-loss (in points)
  • K_Lot (Multiplication of the Lot) – multiplication bid transaction in the case of losing
  • Slippage – slip
  • Additive to STOPLEVEL – additive to the stop level (for the guaranteed pending orders set > 0)

—– Data analysis ——

  • Bars for analysis – number of last bars for analysis (if 0, then place orders from the current price)
  • Order place time (Hour) – time pending orders
  • Order price shift (Pips) from High / Low price – offset from the channel to be placed pending orders
  • Maximum width of the channel (Pips) – the maximum width of the channel (if the channel width is greater, the robot does not hold warrants)


  1. Daily analyze pending orders;
  2. change settings, if necessary;
  3. On Friday evening, it is desirable to close the open position.

On the strategy tester will not get the desired result. Before purchasing a product it is recommended to test on a demo or live account!

Good luck trading!

Breakdown of Flat


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