RBNZ unexpectedly lowers rates

RBNZ unexpectedly lowers rates

Reserve Bank of New Zealand surprised markets by surprise, lowering its key interest rate by 25 bps to 2.25%. The head of the RBNZ G. Wheeler explained this sudden decision to control the deteriorating forecasts for world economic growth and, in particular, uncertain prospects of economic development of China. As might be expected, the New Zealand dollar fell steadily throughout the night, traders act out lowering rates. NZD fell significantly in relation to all currencies: by 0.65% against the CAD, 2% – in relation to the AUD, 1.64% – in relation to the USD and 1.23% – in relation to EUR. After the announcement of NZD / USD fell from 0.6785 solutions to 0.6630. We believe that NZD will soon return to the level of 0.65, which corresponds to the lower boundary of the channel month currency pair.RBNZ unexpectedly lowers rates

Finally arrived on Thursday, and traders are preparing to cross the wild jumps in euros after a press conference M. Draghi, who is likely to meet the expectations of the markets, and it has announced another decrease in rates on deposits, which now stands at -0.30%. However, this case may not be limited. At the disposal of the ECB has a number of tools of regulation, including the increase or extension of the program of quantitative easing (QE), as well as the expansion of the list of redeemable securities. It is difficult to say which option is already priced in, but one thing is for sure – the market expects the ECB sequence, and M. Draghi’s better not to disappoint traders, as was the case on 3 December last year. EUR / USD failed to surpass the 200-day moving average and fell below the Asian session on schedule. Most likely, on the eve of the ECB meeting the pair will trade without any particular direction, because traders adjusted positions are occupied.

EUR / CHF is also now the center of attention – the markets will be closely watching the reaction of the SNB on the ECB decision. We expect that the Swiss central bank will take a waiting position (as opposed to January last year), and its further action will depend not on the decision Draghi, and the reaction to it markets. Now EUR / CHF was trading at between 1.09 and 1.10.

Trading on the stock market in Asia are homogeneous, shares of Japanese companies rose by more than 1%. Nikkei up 1.26%, Topix gained 1.49%. Indexes in Mainland China, Shnaghai Composite and the Shenzhen Composite continued to fall, because investors seriously doubt the ability of the Chinese government to successfully carry out the necessary reforms. New Zealand’s stock index rose 0.79%, the Australian ASX Index fell 0.14%. Futures on European stock indexes fell below, traders are in no hurry to replenish the portfolio before the meeting of the ECB.

Today, traders expect the publication of data on changes in the volume of industrial production and manufacturing production in France, the CPI in Denmark and Norway, to change the volume of retail trade data in Spain and Brazil, to change the output data in the processing industry in South Africa, the ECB announcement on the basic interest rate, the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits and the monthly report on the execution of the state budget in the US PMI index of activity in the manufacturing sector, The index cents for food in New Zealand.

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EA microMoney EURUSD

EA microMoney EURUSD

adviser EAmicroMoney It works on EURUSD.

The following parameters: maximum step rates, the period and the offset moving average. Advisor is not tied to a specific timeframe.

It uses a unique technology for the identification of small trends, and makes a large volume of transactions.

The default settings: StepPrice = 0.00031, Moving average period = 12, Moving average shit = 9.

Nothing more to say, just look at the screenshots.

EA microMoney EURUSD

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Breakdown of Flat

Breakdown of the Flat

Breakdown of the Flat – Advisor “Break the flat” is based on the breakdown of levels (minimum and maximum) for a given period. Powered deferred stop.

Also, the robot shows good results on vysokovolatilnyh news that define the short-term (mid-term) trend direction.


trader level: novice trader, an experienced trader.

Leverage: 1: 100 and higher.

Minimum deposit: $ 10 (1000 cents) for cent accounts and $ 1000 for dollar bills.

Robot can restart during the day, if the first pending orders were exhibited that day.

Settings and input parameters

Default EA is set up to trade the EURUSD H1 for four-quotes. For the five-digit necessary to trade input parameters (3, 4, 6, 10 and 11) multiplied by 10.

—– Main settings —–

  • Lot – initial lot for stop orders
  • DigitsLot (Decimal places) – rounding of the lot
  • TakeProfit (0 – without the TP) – Take Profit (in points)
  • StopLoss (0 – no SL) – the stop-loss (in points)
  • K_Lot (Multiplication of the Lot) – multiplication bid transaction in the case of losing
  • Slippage – slip
  • Additive to STOPLEVEL – additive to the stop level (for the guaranteed pending orders set > 0)

—– Data analysis ——

  • Bars for analysis – number of last bars for analysis (if 0, then place orders from the current price)
  • Order place time (Hour) – time pending orders
  • Order price shift (Pips) from High / Low price – offset from the channel to be placed pending orders
  • Maximum width of the channel (Pips) – the maximum width of the channel (if the channel width is greater, the robot does not hold warrants)


  1. Daily analyze pending orders;
  2. change settings, if necessary;
  3. On Friday evening, it is desirable to close the open position.

On the strategy tester will not get the desired result. Before purchasing a product it is recommended to test on a demo or live account!

Good luck trading!

Breakdown of Flat


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Ruble rejoice withdrawal from Syria

Ruble rejoice withdrawal from Syria

U.S. dollar
in demand in the first day of the new trading week. However, news
Feed was pretty poor, so sharp fluctuations were observed. Chinese
news disappoint, the regional elections in Germany have been not in favor of the Angels
Merkel, and Iran undermines the position of the oil. As a result, we have suffered more than others
commodity currencies. AUD / USD down below 0.75. USD / RUB returned
above 70.00 after attempts to gain a foothold in the region of 69.30.

indices have experienced a surge in demand, for the most part on correction than
ttto any specific drivers. Brent initially fell to 38.80 on
negative comments on Iran, but the evening show some
recovery. Gold also receded into the background – it has slipped to 1234 USD / oz..
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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CCI Candles Divergence

CCI Candles Divergence

CCI Candles Divergence indicator displays the CCI levels in the form of candles directly on the chart.

Candles are calculated based on the values ​​Low, High, Open and Close CCI indicator.

In addition, the indicator identifies the divergence and also displays them on the graph. When a new divergence, the user is notified.

The product can be very useful for any professional trader who uses divergence or CCI.

CCI Candles Divergence

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Gref named comfortable ruble

Gref named comfortable ruble

Sberbank President German Gref in an interview with Bloomberg called the current exchange rate is too low.

According to him, for the companies, the state budget and the banks would have been more comfortable level of 60 rubles per dollar. He added that a strong currency is good for Russian exports, but prevents the procurement abroad, necessary for modernization.

At the moment, the dollar CBR official exchange rate of 70.54 rubles. Over the past few weeks, he dropped to a mark of 80 rubles, helped by a rise in oil prices on the world market.

March 2 Deutsche Bank called the ruble the most undervalued currency in Europe. The institution noted that the Russian economy is recovering. In addition, Russia – the only one of the developing countries, which increased the international reserves of the 19th of February. An additional factor supporting the ruble – an agreement with OPEC to freeze oil.

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $ https://www.share4you.com/ru/?affid=0fd9105

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Tick ​​Chart

Tick ​​Chart

As is known, MT4 and MT5 are not stored tick history, which is necessary for the development of trading strategies and market analysis. For myself, I have developed a method that allows very easy to tick history. Indicator collects tick history in real time and stores it in a file XXXXXX2.hst where XXXXXX – the name of the tool. From this file, you can build your offline schedule, and you can do with it whatever you want. If you have a trading robot is running, this indicator, you can always control your broker to see what was the spread and as a broker quotes delivered to you. Absolutely all price movements will be recorded in history, and if you have any doubts about the operation of the stop-loss, you can just look at the tick chart. You might want to sell a tick history to other traders, collected using this indicator.

The indicator records the BID and ASK-price. On the candlestick charts, it looks like:

  • open = Ask;
  • high = Ask;
  • close = Bid;
  • low = Bid.

If you put a line graph, the display will only price BID.

History can be copied to any terminal. The history is stored in the terminal directory corresponding to your broker and trading account \ history \ Broker-ECN-Demo.

I developed this indicator for other purposes. From tick charts, using a script Operational TimeFrame, I build custom graphics Time Frame. It’s Time Frame after a specified number of ticks, or after a certain number of points. That is, the bar does not close the passage of time, and after the accumulated number of points N, traveled price, or tick, depending on what I want to get. The result is not a temporary sampling and operating. Such graphs are much more convenient for the analysis, and they are much better recognized laws, including fractal. I think these charts, “right”, because they reflect the essence of the processes occurring in the market.

Tick ​​Chart

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UAE market shares closed down growth DFM General

UAE market shares closed down growth, DFM General added 1.40%

UAE stock market closed trading Sunday growth by strengthening the sectors of manufacturers of consumer goods, finance and investment and services.

At the time of closing of the Dubai stock exchange DFM General rose by 1.40%, reaching a 3-month high, ADX General Index rose 0.66%.

The leaders of growth among the DFM General Index Components at the end of today’s trading were the shares of Tabreed (DU: TABR), which rose to 0,090 p (6.87%), closing at 1,400.. Quotes Deyaar (DU: DEYR) increased by 0,030 p (4.84%), ending trading at 0.650.. Arabtec paper (DU: ARTC) rose to 0,070 h (4.05%), closing at 1,800..

Leaders of falling were shares of Oman Insurance (DU: OIC), the price of which has fallen to 0.170 n (10.00%), ending the session at around 1,530.. Stocks Dxb comm bk (DU: CBD) up to 0.540 h (8.71%), to close at 5,660, and Dubai Islamic Insurance Co.. (DU: AMAN) decreased in price by 0,033 p (5.17%) and closed trading at around 0.605..

The leaders of growth among ADX General Index Components at the end of today’s trading were the shares of Int Fish Farmi (AD: ASMK), which rose by 13.74% to reach 7,70, Dana Gas (AD: DANA), who scored 11.11% , to close at 0,600, and shares Eshraq Properties Co PJSC (AD: ESHR), which rose by 8.86%, ending the session at around 0.8600.

The fall was shares Ad Shipbldg Co (AD: ADSB), which decreased in value by 9.67%, closing at 2.71. Stocks of Al Khazna Ins (AD: AKIC) lost 2.78% and finished the session at 0.350. Quotes Ad Aviation (AD: ADAV) decreased in price by 2.37% to reach 2.88.

On the Dubai stock exchange the number of advancers securities (20) exceeded the number closed in the red (9), and quotes 1 shares remained virtually unchanged. On the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange rose paper 22 companies, 5 were down, a 3 remained at the previous close.

Futures on WTI crude for delivery added 6.39% in May, or 2.38, reaching $ 39.64 per barrel. As for other commodities, the price of Brent delivery rose 6.14% in June, or 2.42, to $ 41.85 a barrel. Gold futures for delivery rose 0.36% in June, or 4.50, to $ 1.242,00 an ounce.

Meanwhile, in the Forex market the USD / AED rose 0.00% to 3.6731, and the quotation EUR / AED rose by 0.16%, reaching 4.1870.

USD index dropped by 0.30% to 94.22.

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Multifunctional trade panel. It contains several panels.

  1. Panel “Volume calculator” allows you to calculate the lot size for a given currency pair according to a fixed percentage risk of the deposit and the size of the stop-loss points. The size of the stop-loss should be greater than zero, otherwise the risk tends to infinity and abnormally calculator.
  2. Panel “Trade panel” is intended for commercial operations, such as opening the market position, setting pending orders, pending orders the removal and closing of all positions. All trading operations are carried out not only on the current symbol, to which a panel, but also the symbol specified in the combo box, the currency pairs that are in the “Market Watch” window. If this list you can not find some kind of a currency pair, simply add it to the “Market Watch” window. Also, the panel is capable of independently calculate the amount of the order according to a predetermined size and risk stop loss. Attention! This feature requires a mandatory indication of the size of the stop-loss is greater than zero.
  3. Panel “Pair Trading Panel” is used for the pair trade. This panel allows you to simultaneously (one click) to perform two operations at once – the sale and purchase of tools, selected in the settings. Also at the touch of a button, you can close an open position or to close them at the given profit in the deposit currency. Which pair of tools will be closed, the settings set by specifying the magic number (Magik Number).
  4. Panel “Information panel” displays the information on all open positions and pending orders, in particular, the current floating profit / loss and the potential profit and loss (depending on the size of the stop-loss and take-profit).

Selection panel that is currently visible on the graph is carried out in the multifunctional panel configuration parameters. This panel has many more opportunities to expand their functional, stay tuned versions.


  • Volume – the amount of the default;
  • The percentage of risk – percentage of the risk of default of the deposit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss by default;
  • Take Profit – Take Profit default;
  • Mode – select which panel is visible at the moment on the graph;
  • magik Number – magic number.


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What you need to know to trade Forex

What you need to know to trade Forex?

What you need to know to trade Forex?

Why do people Torrguyut in the financial markets? This question is interested in anyone who’s ever heard of Forex, CFD contracts and other financial instruments. But few know what is meant by these concepts are and how you can earn on them.

Forex for beginners:

Usually this area is considered to themselves people who want to make a difference. Most of all – it is those who are tired of routine work, from which they have not received the expected profit; students who want to be realized; housewives, and – those who have managed to succeed in their field, but wants to earn extra income with the ability to become an investor and be a member of the world trading.

This activity is now available to everyone thanks to the development of information technology. Now it is enough to have a computer with an internet connection and a small start-up capital – and you can start making, not even leaving home.

Many are looking for a “Holy Grail”, by studying many indicators, “Forex”, developing new and new strategies for profitable trade on Forex. This area of ​​activity is also attractive because it is a great opportunity to make money interesting intellectual work. In this business, you are using all the reserves and possibilities of your brain, causing a turn and analytics, and a competent financier and speculator. But why must first start and in which direction to move on?

Of course, you can believe the advertising on billboards, the media, the Internet, social networks, which states that make it easy and simple. You just have to go month course of study, and you will receive a lot of money, sitting before a computer. And you can be proud to leave to the “slave” of the work by sending “uncle-chief” as far as possible – so far as it allows your vocabulary. But is it really?

Yes, many do today – trying to start a new life, following the lead of advertising (when the same people are already no longer be carried out on all that they impose?) But if everything is so simple, then why is not everyone doing it? Really it is not so great as it said advertising? What stops people and what are the pitfalls in these appeals advertising?

And here’s the thing – to earn in the financial markets, in addition to the knowledge, skills and experience (which is acquired over the years), still needs to choose a reliable forex-broker (ECN Broker, STP brokers) in whose interest would be your earnings. Advertising says about this? No. All you can advise – it is guided by the “independent rating of Forex brokers.” At each site he own, depending on what kind of ratings disburse dillingovye centers. The courses, trainings and seminars to you no one will talk about how not to get on the fraudsters. There are statistics, which gives us the following figures: 9 out of 10 beginners throughout the year lose their money and forget about this way of earnings as a nightmare. Speaking afterwards, that this whole business – a complete scam, fraud and simply banal fiction. What is the cause of such statistics? Why do people lose their money? The reason is that a promising advertising does not correspond to reality. You promised the opportunity for six months to earn money for a car, but in the end – in the past month you have lost entire deposit. And who is ultimately to blame? Dealing centers, creating advertising and inspiring person confidence, that he – the same 1 out of 10, which is waiting for the “golden mountains” in the Forex market? In part, yes – but no less fault lies with the one who used to believe everything you read. In this era of information technology people sometimes disable a function of the brain as “think”, and even a primitive mental processes. It sounds cruel, but it is. People have forgotten how to filter …
Read More http://maksimgordeev.com/cto-nyzno-znat-dlya-torgovli-na-forex/#prettyPhoto

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