Vola Alarm

vola Alarm

Vola Alarm shows the current value of the price movement since the opening of the bar at a percentage of the average price movement. alert is triggered when exceeding a predetermined level.

For a trader it is always important to know there is a strong movement on a pair. The product can be used in a strategy to “Installation order in the opposite direction” or “Following_The_Object strong movement.” The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

The text in the graphic window shows the average maximum and minimum (Highs – Lows) in points for the last x bars.

Further, the indicator shows the value of Bid – Open of the current bar in points and percentage of the average of previous bars.

It also indicates the value spread in points.

Free version only works on EURUSD, with the default settings that are suitable for periods of M5 H1.


  • UpMax = 120: if the value of Bid – Open current bar exceeds 120% of the average value, is activated UpAlarm
  • DnMax = 120: if the value of Bid – Open current bar exceeds 120% of the average value, is activated DownAlarm
  • CalcBars = 24: Number of the last bars into account when calculating the mean value of maximum and minimum, maximum possible number – 30 bars. If the value is less than 6, the indicator takes into account the last 6 bars
  • CalcBars2Times = 6: number of bars accounted for the second time in the calculation of the average value, – this latter parameter value x bars doubled, increasing the importance of the last bars – can be set from 0 to 12 bars
  • TextPosition = 1: determining the position of the text on the chart on the following lines x – 0 to 9 lines
  • UpAlarm = True: notification inclusive; to disable, set to false
  • DnAlarm = True: notification inclusive; to disable, set to false
  • showComment = True: On the map the text in the chart window
  • showSpread = True: On the map of the current spread in the chart window 
  • SoundAlert = True: enable audible alarms
  • SendEmail = False: sending emails off. If you set the parameter to true, the title and the text of the sent email will coincide with the title and text of the pop-up notification

Vola Alarm

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