Technical Dashboard

Technical Dashboard

Technical Dashboard – It is a great tool for quick analysis of several currency pairs in terms of logical conditions of simultaneous performance of four different indicators.

The number of display characters 30, the name of each character can be edited in the settings, so you can analyze not only the pre-determined currency pairs, but also other instruments, including commodities, stocks, indices, currency pairs with prefixes and suffixes, etc.

The program can send notifications via the MetaTrader terminal, push-notification on your mobile device, as well as e-mail alerts, for example, from the VPS. You can enable / disable each type of alert type (Alert, push, by e-mail).

Program Technical Dashboard 4 based on technical indicators:

  1. Average Directional Movement Index determines the strength of the trend.
  2. Relative Strength Index determines the direction of the trend.
  3. awesome Oscillator Bill Williams shows pulse market.
  4. Money Flow Index It shows the pressure of buyers and sellers on the price and volume.

au minimum levels of maximum can be set for each of the indicators (ADX for the maximum and minimum values). For the ADX, RSI and MFI can also be set period. Condition for triggering the alert will match the following indicators from the indicators: ADX is between the minimum and maximum value of ADX, RSI is below RSI minimum level (to buy) or higher RSI high level (for sale), AO is lower than below the minimum level AO (for buy) or AO above the maximum level (for sale), and the value of MFI MFI below the minimum level (for a buy) or above the maximum level MFI (for sale).

You will receive an alert / push-notification / email only if you match all the 4 conditions for the selected pair in the selected time period in the same direction:

  1. ADX between the minimum and maximum values.
  2. RSI values, AO and MFI should be higher than the maximum level for the signal to sell or below the minimum level for the purchase signal.

Green and red dots on the panel indicate whether the conditions for said indicator coincide currency pair and timeframe. Green dots indicate oversold (buy), red – overbought (sell). If the ADX is between the minimum and maximum values ​​(the value in green, otherwise gray) and 3 points (three indicators) green or red for a particular currency pair and timeframe, on the right side of the panel will appear green or red smiley. This means that the signals from all indicators are consistent.

If the parameter “Use_Only_Closed_Bars” is set to “True”, the notification will be generated after the completion of the formation of the bar. If the parameter is set to “False”, the notification will be sent immediately without waiting for the closing of the candle.

The panels are available five tayfmryemov, from which you can receive alerts: M5, M15, M30, H1, H4.

The title bar displays all the parameters of the four indicators.

You can also specify the maximum spread, at which will receive the notification ( “Alerts_Max_Spread”).

The values ​​are displayed on the panel spread in different colors:

  • a) value of less than or equal to “Alerts_Max_Spread” displayed in green,
  • b) the values ​​in the 1-1.5 times larger than shown in orange,
  • c) more than 1.5 times greater than the parameter shown in red.

I recommend a new graphics window to create a new template with a single indicatorTechnical Dashboard” with the color scheme without flowers ( “None”), with the background ( “White”) and the foreground ( “White”), and save the template.

Remember, no one except you is not liable for any investment decisions made by you.

You are responsible for your own research in the field of investment and making investment decisions.

Good luck!

Technical Dashboard


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