Stochastic Oscillator Message

Stochastic Oscillator Message

Indicator Stochastic Oscillator Message (. See description, video), in contrast to the standard, it has a notification system about changes in the market, consisting of twenty-signals:

  1. and the intersection of the main signal lines in the extreme areas (less than 20%; 80%);
  2. and the intersection of the main signal lines in the corridor (from 20% to 80%);
  3. The main line of intersection levels extreme zones;
  4. The main line of intersection 50% level;
  5. divergence on the last bar.

Parameters extreme zones, mid-level and areas of divergence – customizable.

displayed as a comment in the main chart window, the alert,
push-notifications to the mobile version of the terminal installed in the
mobile phone, or a message on the e-mail. The undoubted convenience
the adoption and tracking signals away from the PC to your mobile
device for controlling the opening and closing position (street,
store, car, garage, work, kitchen, en suite bathroom …).
Variant application indicator profitable, a multi trading strategy for all time slots which can be used also in a mobile terminal. 

Good luck trading!


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