How long will fall and grow Australian dollar

How long will fall and grow the Australian dollar?

different from Monday, as the market is suddenly engulfed by a wave of fear
about global growth prospects. And all began with Asia and
all resulted in a sharp demand for the yen. USD / JPY in point concerns
1,5-annual minimum 109.94, but turned up after Bank
Japan came out the traditional verbal intervention. Japanese regulator suddenly
spoke about the possible extension of the stimulus program is already in
April. Also in the spotlight were a couple AUD / USD, sharp
sunk to a minimum 0.7509, rebounding from the 0.7631 high after
performances of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Main stocks passed into the red zone
the wave of fears over the outlook arising in the financial market
the world economy. He suffered more than others Nikkei (NKD), who for
day lost 8.33%. Meanwhile, Brent updated at least monthly
37.26, then. Gold against the background of what is happening cheered,
reaching the mark in 1230.
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