Fractal Divergence Channel

Fractal Divergence Channel

Channel fractal divergence based on fractal patterns divergence, presenting them in the form of channel, the limits of which vary in time of occurrence of the next pattern. The upper limit of the channel corresponds to the upper side of the last fractal pattern found bear divergence. The lower boundary of the channel – is the lower part of the last occurrence of bovine pattern (see screenshot 1.).

In relation to FractalDivergence_Patterns indicator, channel version has the same parameters, to which are added two more:

  • Alert on level breakdown? / Signal level of the breakdown? – Alert window appears at the time of the breakdown of the cost of the top or bottom of the channel. The following window will appear only in the breakdown of the opposite border.
  • Notification on level breakdown? / Notify breakdown? – Sending notification to a mobile device at the time of breakdown price top or bottom of the channel.

Fractal representation of divergence as a channel not only helps to visually mark the level of the last two patterns (bullish and bearish), but also to assess the current market trend:

  1. The market in flat. Channel normal mutual border location (resistance level above the support level) at which boundary successively approach one another (see. Screenshot 2).
  2. uptrend. Channel normal boundaries mutual arrangement in which they are successively increased (see. Screenshot 3).
  3. downtrend. Channel normal boundaries mutual arrangement in which they are successively lowered (see. Screenshot 4).
  4. market transition state. Channel mutual boundaries with abnormal location (below the support level of the resistance level). Adequate to say anything about the state of the market is impossible. Most often, such states are preceded by a change of the current trend, but because in these moments better to be out of the market (see. Screenshot 5).

Fractal Divergence Channel

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