Forex Range – classic trend Advisor, designed to
Trade on any instrument. Unique channel determination algorithm
It is an accurate and highly customizable.

  • Forex Range – this
    constantly working on improving the reliability and results
    trade, the frequency of transactions and adaptability to market fluctuations.
  • Forex Range – is not just a thousand lines of code, is the embodiment of the whole concept of ideas, skills and experience.
  • Forex Range – more than 400 hours of testing under real market conditions.
  • Forex Range – is a team that knows their job and doing it well!

by default are designed for time (H1) EURUSD chart. For
training advisor to trading on other instruments and timeframes
just optimize the basic parameters on the latest available history:

  • History Shift – shift in the story (in bars) to confirm the appearance of the channel.
  • Bars In Channel – channel width.
  • MinRollBack – the minimum price rollback from the channel needed to channel shall be considered established.
  • MaxRollBack – maximum price rollback from the channel in which the channel is still relevant (0 – disable scanning).

LotRisk = 0 and FixLot = 0.1 to optimize the time and then pick
LotRisk deposit for optimum loading, taking into account the comfort for you
drawdown and the necessary profits.

Use Order Shift
to filter out false breakouts, StopLoss and Virtual TakeProfit – for
limiting losses and lock in profits. All these parameters must also
to participate in the optimization.

Finally, add the Ultimate
TrailingStop in order to get the most out of the trend, and for BreakEven
exit into the black at the first opportunity.

If you do not
I prefer to take even the rare losses, including coups mode –
simply indicate the number (Reverses Count) and increase the coefficient Lot
(Lot Coeff) for loss compensation.

we are constantly
We engaged in optimization of parameters and search for new tools
trade. Most of the settings we found will be posted in the thread
discussion advisor.


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