Forecast for eurodollar as of today

The forecast for the euro / dollar (EUR / USD) as of today

Currency pair EUR / USD has dropped significantly in trading on Wednesday amid performances Janet Yellen and returned to the level of 1.1400.

The Fed chairman said the US economy is stable enough to withstand further rate increase and a reduction in the balance of the Federal Reserve. In this case, Yellen sees minimal risks to financial stability. In fact, Yellen said nothing new, and even can not say that her words were harsher and more optimistic than usual. Nevertheless, investors reacted to sell the pair euro / dollar, which led to more than 70 points to fall. Markets simply offset the unexpectedly strong growth of the pair on the eve of the background of the new development of a political scandal involving Donald Trump.

The European currency continues to be supported by positive economic publications. Yesterday, the Eurozone data released industrial output showed an increase of 1.3%, which is higher than the preliminary forecasts.

Our forecast for today assume the depreciation of the euro / dollar support levels 1.1420, 1.1400 and 1.1390.

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