FOMC protocol may help yen

FOMC protocol may help yen

It was pretty interesting, especially for the British currency. GBP / USD at
torque reaches 1.4524 mark at the exit of positive results next
survey on “Brekzitu” who showed leadership camp wanting to stay in the EU.
However, the pair had to quickly hand over their positions on weaker than
expected inflation data. Meanwhile, AUD / USD got
supported by the protocol of the last RBA meeting, which showed quite
low-key attitude control. Despite the fact that the Central Bank noted that the rise in price AUD
complicates the possibility of economic recovery, however, the market realized the total
attitude RBA on hold the current policy rate unchanged at the June and
July meeting.

markets showed conflicting dynamics that reflect more
uncertainty about the direction of motion than any news background. the
time Brent I could continue to move up and get to
November’s high of 49.66 dollars. / bbl. The precious metals market silver
and gold We were also able to slightly harden.
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