Dashboard Babon Scalping System MT5 Demo

Dashboard Babon Scalping System MT5 Demo

Dashboard Babon Scalping System MT5 Demo – this is a demo version of the indicator Dashboard Babon Scalping System MT5, having the full functionality of the paid version except for the following:

  • Not available indicators TDI Cross, TDI Momentum, TDI Price
  • Not available indicators Slope and Ichimoku
  • In the demo version available only 5 pairs

Full version: link

Version for MT4: link

The system displays a trend on the basis of TDI indicators, Heiken Ashi Trend, Price Trend timeframe H1, and the TMA light on timeframes H1&H4. Then the system generates an entry point on the timeframe M1, using indicators Babon Slope, M5 TMA and Ichimoku. The signal is then filtered on the basis of the previous candle M1 size.

For easy and quick understanding of product operation principles, in the first comments on the product I have placed all the necessary instructions in PDF and indicators.

If you do not have access on Google-ROM, you can find resources in the discussion or ask them a personal message.

  • Manual in PDF
  • Indicators: put them in a folder / MQL4 / Indicators /
  • Templates saved in the folder / templates /

Dashboard Babon Scalping System – It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that allows you to:

  • Monitor 28 pairs with one panel.
  • Track all 28 pairs and receive signals on the basis of trading rules Babon Scalping (see. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • Automatically accompanied by a warrant.
  • Track positions for all trading pairs.

entry rules

See. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

In order to cover the work necessary to make the following steps.

Important steps in front of a panel

  1. When you first launch the panel may require 3-5 minutes to download stories. When you run it takes a few minutes.
  2. All 28 characters must be available in the symbol box.
  3. The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a black pattern. See. Screenshot 4.

Input parameters

  • Use AutoTrade – use automated trading
  • Send Alert upon Signal – an alert when a signal
  • Send Notification upon Signal – to send notification when the signal
  • Single pair Take Profit in pips – takeprofit one pair in pips
  • Single pair Stop Loss in pips – stop-loss for one pair in pips
  • settings TDI
    • RSI Period – RSI Period
    • RSI Price – RSI calculation of price
    • Use TDI Momentum – use indicator
    • TDI Momentum Threshold – the threshold value of the indicator
    • Use TDI Overbought Oversold Limit – use values ​​of overbought / oversold on the indicator
    • TDI Overbought Limit – value overbought
    • TDI Oversold Limit – the value of oversold
  • Use Heiken Ashi – the indicator used
  • settings TMA
    • Use TMA H1 – use indicator
    • Use TMA H4 – use indicator
    • M5 / H1 / H4 TMA Period – the period of TMA
    • TMA Band Range Multiplier – a multiplier
    • ATR Period for M5 / H1 / H4 TMA – ATR period for the calculation of the indicator
    • Use TMA M5 – use indicator
    • Price to TMA M5 Band Gap Limit – setting a gap limit
  • Use Price Trend – use indicator
  • Display Setting Babon Slope
    • Use Babon Slope – use indicator
    • Slope Period – the period of light
    • Slope Method – a method of constructing an indicator
    • Slope Applied Price – the price used for calculation
  • Setting Ichimoku indicator
    • Use Ichimoku – use
    • Tenkan-sen
    • Kijun-sen
    • Senkou Span B
  • Use Previous M1 Candle Size – the size of the filter of the previous candle
    • Previous M1 Candle Size Limit – the size of the candle
  • Magic No – Magic number
  • Lot Size – Lot Size
  • Basket Take Profit in $ – total take-profit to basket $
  • Basket Stop Loss in $ – the overall stop loss for a basket in $
  • Max Spread – the maximum spread
  • Trading Session – – trading session, the session is the order will not be sent
    • Close all trades after session (s) – close all transactions after the closing session
  • Note: Use the local time of your computer, rather than the server time.
  • Session Input – session, see the descriptions of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).
  • Time-Frame of new chart – new chart timeframe
  • Suffix – the suffix
  • X_axis – the location of the X-axis
  • Y_axis – location on axis Y

Objects panel

See. Screenshots from 7 to 11

  1. Select Button currency
    • armature->disabled
    • armature->disabled
  2. currency pair button
    • Click on the button to open a new window with the graph of the corresponding pair
  3. Spread Column: the current spread of each pair.
  4. The status bar indicator
    • Black: Set
    • Yellow: Not Set
  5. crossing state TDI
  6. Status indicator TDI Momentum
  7. Status indicator TDI Price
  8. Condition of the spark HA
  9. Status indicator H1 TMA
  10. Status indicator H4 TMA
  11. Status prices
  12. Status indicator Babon Slope
  13. Status indicator M5 TMA
  14. Status indicator Ichimoku
  15. Filter size candles M1
  16. For a description of the remaining elements cm. Description of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.

Dashboard Babon Scalping System MT5 Demo

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