Introducing novelty in 2014 nepererisovyvayuschiysya AutoPilot indicator for the forex market. The indicator draws automatic trendline. You no longer need to draw it by hand! Our product is your indispensable tool, it can be used to simultaneously monitor multiple currencies! The indicator is not redrawn and upscale trend monitors. We tried to make light was effective enough for traders who are already used to playing for high stakes, and at the same time that it was a fairly simple and understandable for beginners.

Our indicator provides accurate forex signals. Features of the indicator can be explained literally in a nutshell. You just have to look at the display and follow the signals to enter the market.

Main advantages of the indicator:

  • Very easy to use and quite novel on the price chart
  • Nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator algorithm compared with conventional indicators
  • Alerts, where to buy and where to sell
  • It works on all instruments and currencies
  • Automatic adjustment to market performance
  • It shows to what level to hold the position


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