T Connection

T Connection

Advisor uses two moving averages to identify trends and opens position on it. If the trend changes direction, performs the inverse operation. T-Connection has several money management systems to better meet different market types.

The main parameters:

  • Primary MA: the direction of the main trend.
  • Secondary MA: the direction of the secondary trend.
  • Mode of MA: method of calculation of moving averages.
  • TakeProfit: target profit in points (if = 0, not used).
  • StopLoss: Stop Loss pips (if 0 = not used).
  • TrailingStop: transfer stop loss level for profit, the distance from the current price (value = 0 is not used).

Capital management mode:

  • Fixed_Lot: fixed lots.
  • Direct_Progresion: if the latter is a market order is closed with profit, reduced the number of lots; if the latter is a market order is closed with a loss, the number of lots increases.
  • Reverse_Progression: if the latter is a market order is closed with a profit, increase the number of lots; if the latter is a market order is closed with a loss, reduced the number of lots.
  • Risk_Percentaje: calculation of the lot as a percentage of loss obtained when triggered Stop Loss.

Fixed_Lots: Use only in a mode of money management = Fixed_Lot.

The next three fields should be used only in capital management mode Direct / Reverse_Progression:

  • InitialLot: fixed the initial item in the sequence of transactions.
  • LotsStep: a step lot to increase or decrease the lot in the sequence of transactions.
  • +/ – Limit Progression: when it reaches a specified volume, starting a new series of transactions with the initial lot.

For example: InitialLot = 0.20, LotsStep = 0.02, Limit Progression = 0,15. If the volume in the sequence exceeds 0.35 or 0.05 Lots, it starts again with the volume of 0.20.

Risk: only be used in capital management mode Risk_Percentaje. This variable is associated with a stop loss. The volume is calculated as a percentage of the funds in the account which will be lost if the load stop loss. If StopLoss = 0, the value of 100 is used.

MagicNumber: expert identifier, use a different value for each copy of the T-Connection, you are using.

Additional features:

  • Can operate on 4-and 5-digit quotes the same size pips (10 pips = 0.0010 or 0.00100).
  • It works on any symbol and any timeframe.
  • MagicNumber controls the position in the different timeframes of the same character.
  • Displays in the graph on the status of each position with MagicNumber.
  • Martingale is not used. Direct / Reverse_Progression method is very easy to operate, can increase profits without increasing risk.
  • The long-term profits.
  • Low drawdown. It allows you to work on several different timeframes and symbols from various money management for a small deposit.

T Connection

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