Speed ​​Scalper

Speed ​​Scalper

Expert Mrg SPEED SCALPER – This price scalper aggressive trading on tick data.

Expert automatically and directly execute transactions and does not use hedging. Recommended trade only liquid pairs with low spreads.

  • Expert is optimized for a minute timeframe.
  • The expert can be used for steam with low spread and low brake level, optimized for EURUSD.
  • Experts often performs.
  • The median income during testing above 3.3.

Business requirements

Expert requires the following:

  • Reliable broker with low spread and stop levels.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Excellent work on ECN or accounts with low spread (no more than 1.5 pips optimized for less than 1.0).

Testing on historical data

The expert uses tick data. Perform testing on M1 timeframe in the “Every tick” and play with the settings to find the most optimal.

Input parameters

  • MaxSpread: maximum spread.
  • TakeProfit: distance in pips, which is fixed income.
  • StopLoss: distance in pips on which is fixed loss.
  • TradeSignal: trading signal based on directional volatility trading.
  • ExtendedSignal: True / False, increased frequency of open positions.
  • TickSignal: second trading signal based on directional volatility trading.
  • TrendFollow: (Optional parameter) performing operations only on a trend (trend is determined by using the observation apparatus for trend).
  • TrailingStart: Activation trailing.
  • TrailingStep: trailing step.
  • AutoLot: True to the meaning of the lot is automatically calculated. To False trading is carried out specified lots.
  • RiskPercent: distribution of risk in the transaction. Offer is automatically determined based on a percentage of the balance sheet.



Speed ​​Scalper

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