Signing of Russian Federation to sanctions bill

The signing of the Russian Federation to the sanctions bill should not lead to a weakening of the ruble

Next week, the ruble is likely to remain in the corridor of 59-60 rubles. / USD., But it is necessary to note the presence of the risk of weakening of the ruble. Firstly, at the exit of a stronger-than-expected statistics on the US economy may fall currencies of most emerging markets. Secondly, within the next two weeks, US President J. Trump has to make a decision about the bill, involving the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. Signing the bill should not lead to a weakening of the ruble, but there is still uncertainty about the consideration of restrictions on investment in Russian government bonds. Support the ruble should be a favorable situation on the oil market: we expect the quotes above the level of $ 50 / bbl..

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