Reversal Trend

Reversal Trend

This indicator is similar to the “Reversal”

  • but with fixed settings
  • It does not require additional configuration
  • entrance: Immediately after the arrow
  • Stop-Loss: A few pips above the High candles arrow / Low arrows under candles
  • Take-Profit: At least for the next candle / move to breakeven after the close of the candle / perform Trailing Stop.
  • Works for: Key pair Forex / timeframe M15 and above

An arrow appears after the formation of reversal pattern, and when the confirmation candle reaches its value, it will not disappear and will not be redrawn.

Value for displacement => 20% ATR20 from the current timeframe;

Input parameters

  • barsToProcess – number of cycles in the graph to be processed. When using the M15 graphics just for one day – 200 should be enough
  • Alert_On – receive an alert on the screen
  • Send_Email – Sending Email, must be included in the “Tools, Options, Mail”
  • Push_Notification – to receive alerts on a mobile device
  • Trend_direction – even in a distinct trend can be hand against the trend. If you want to receive alerts and arrow in one direction only, set the value to 1 for only up alerts, and 2 for the shooter down. Default 0 – showing both
  • inverse_trend = False – default direction is the trend,
  • inverse_trend = True – only against the trend arrows, search for a real change of trend
  • plus_ATR_percent = 20 – the value of the ATR – how much the price should move up to the appearance of the arrow or the alert
  • sent_short_comment = “Example” – a comment, replace “example” to what you like. It will be displayed in the notification as additional information

Nevertheless, there is always a risk. The pattern is a reversal only chance, just a chance. Please do not forget about it, at least check higher timeframes, the reproducibility of the last 10 hands and carefully calculate their risks.

Reversal Trend


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