Peak of world oil demand will be passed in 2030

The peak of world oil demand will be passed in 2030 – experts

The peak of world energy demand for the next 200 years is likely to be passed in the first 50 years of this century, that is, in the long term the price of oil and coal will decrease, experts predict Sanford C. Bernstein.

"This period will be momentous in the history of mankind – they claim. – Selection of the winners in the energy sector in the long term is never straightforward, but it’s easy to see who will be the losers. In the future world has no place for energy producers with high costs and high carbon content".

As stated in the review of the Bernstein analysts, peak 200-year cycle oil consumption will have approximately 2030, coal – in 2020.

Increasing energy demand is slowing due to the slowdown in world population growth and the economy, reports Bloomberg. However, the more pure forms of energy, including solar and wind still be "long way to growth", According to Bernstein.

Analysts do not rule out that already was the peak level of energy consumption per capita behind, but added that due to the population increase aggregate global demand could grow by 30% over the next 35-40 years, and then move to a gradual decline.

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