Order Flow Balance

Order Flow Balance

Indicator Order Flow Balance – a powerful tool for reading the tape (Time & Sales). It helps to analyze order flow in the market, to determine the movement of the players, the market imbalance, the possible turning points and more! The indicator works on MOEX, BM&FBOVESPA, CME, and so on. D.

There are 4 different types of indicator

  • Daily Balance: Also known as an indicator of the cumulative amount of Cumulative Volume Delta, is an advanced way to analyze the volume, which allows traders to observe the day the difference between aggressive buyers and aggressive sellers. Analysis of comparisons between sellers and buyers, and allow to determine the divergence change pulse are potential entry points in the transaction on or against the trend. If the value is positive, the market longer aggressive buyers. If the value is negative more aggressive sellers.
  • Volume Delta: The indicator shows the delta volume each bar, i.e., the difference between aggressive buyers and aggressive sellers. It is also a very important indicator used by successful professionals, it’s great for any trading systems. If the value is positive, this bar longer aggressive buyers, and vice versa.
  • Volume ++: It displays information about the volumes for each bar: the total volume of buyers, sellers and the volume of the amount of neutral. The last of these means transactions between Ask and Bid.
  • Volume Delta 2: A new way of visualizing Volume Delta. It shows aggressive buyers and aggressive sellers through the positive and negative values ​​of the histogram, respectively, instead of to only show them the difference.

Description parameter

  • Bars: bars for the calculation.
  • Indicator type: type of indicator.
  • Analysis mode: Always use it in automatic mode. Raw mode should only be used for testing purposes broker.
  • Positive balance color: Color Adjustment with a positive balance of the day.
  • Negative balance color: Color Adjustment if negative balance day.
  • Width: the width of the daily balance.
  • Positive Delta color: color adjustment for a positive value Volume Delta.
  • Negative Delta color: color setting a negative value Volume Delta.
  • Width: width Volume Delta.
  • Volume color: the total amount of color.
  • Width: volume width.
  • Buyers Volume color: color volume buyers.
  • Width: the width of the volume of customers.
  • Sellers Volume color: color volume sellers.
  • Width: width volume sellers.
  • Neutrals Volume color: neutral color volume.
  • Width: width neutral volume.

Important information

  • The indicator works on all timeframes.
  • Its algorithm is optimized to work optimally with computer resources, without delay!
  • To access the tape deals indicator uses CopyTicks function, check whether data is available from your broker.
  • The demo version works in the Strategy Tester in all ticks mode based on real tick. Do not forget to check if the necessary data are available from your broker.

Good luck trading!

Order Flow Balance


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